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Dear Friends:

Dear Friends,

I've been down with a nasty cold/virus this week but I thought I would pop in and do a blog this week. I am going to make my blog simple today. Let's talk about some of our all time favorite books no matter what the genre is and I'll start since I don't have to talk just type.LOL

1. Mazes & Monsters by Rona Jaffe

2. After The Reunion by Rona Jaffe

3. Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

4. Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie

5. Death On Demand by Caroly nHart

6. The Body In The Bog by Katherine Hall Page

7. Posioned Pins by Joan Hess

8. Tool & Die by Sarah Graves

9. Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag

10. Wed & Buried Mary Daheim

11. Mrs. Jefferies and The Inspector

12. A Glimpse Of Evil by Victoria Laurie

13. Death By Pantyhose by Laura Levine

14. Killer Cruise by Laura Levine

15. Guardian Angel by Sara Paretsky

16. The Clue Of The Tapping Heels by Carolyn Keene

17. U Is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

18. The Case Of The Murdered Muckraker by Carola Dunn

19. Shining…

An Interview with Emily Brightwell

I love the Mrs. Jefferies Series and as a reader I would like to know if there are going to any other love interests for the staff now that Betsy and Smythe are getting married?

To date, there aren't any other love interests planned but of course, that is always subject to change!

Tell us about your writing schedule and how many books a year do you write?

I had a day job for many years so I tend to write very much on a business week schedule - I'm an early riser so I'm at my computer by seven and I write until mid afternoon - I do take breaks of course.

In the near future will you be writing any other series?

I'm currently working on a proposal for a contemporary mystery series - let's keep our fingers crossed that someone in the publishing world will like it and buy it. I also have an idea for another historical series that I'm thinking about doing.

When you are not writing wonderful books what other interests do you have to keep you active?

I love to read both …

Review - Half-Price Homicide




ISBN; 978-1-60285-893-0


Mystery series(Dead-End Job Series)

Helen Hawthorne is working at Snapdragon's Second Hand Thoughts. This is a very very upscale consignment shop who cater to the wealthy and the rich come to sell their wares as much as buy the clothes. You see a lot of the clients husbands will give their wives, lovers and girlfriends credit cards at all the top rate stores but they will never give them cash. So the savvy women charge their purses and clothes then bring the new clothes in to Vera (the shop owner), to sell for cash in their pocket. It's a win win situation until Chrissy (a very regular client) comes in to sell a purse and her husband tracks her down at the shop. They argue and Vera tells them to take it to the back room. They go to a vacant dressing room and the long and short of it is that latyer Chrissy is found dead. Better clarify here as Chrissy has been murdered.


First Day of Spring


What did you do on the first day of spring? (Sunday) well I napped, it is a beautiful sunny day in Parsons but I napped. Why you ask? It seems a squirrel attacked my cushions on my yardswing. You see a few days back we had a nasty storm and the wind blew the cushions all around leaving it's mark on my yardswing. I wake up on Sunday morning and see a squirrel stealing the stuffing out of the swing cushions. The squirrel then climbed the tree and took the stuffing to it's nest several times. I was shocked but there is no way I am stilling in my yardswing until I get the new cushions for the swing. LOLOLOL and that my friends is why I took a nap yesterday. I wanted nothing more than to go to my swing and read but I never argue with a squirrel.

What's your first day of spring story?



Review: Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Wedding

TITLE: MRS. JEFFERIES & The Yuletide Wedding


Historical Cozy Mystery Series


Berkley Prime Crime

ISBN: 978-0-425-23791-5

Betsy and Smythe are getting married and murder doesn't stop for Christmas or Weddings. The murder is complicated as an exgoverness (Agatha Moran), who hasn't worked for the family in years is murdered outside the gate of Jeremy Evans and to make matters worse Mr. Evans daughter is about to be married. So at the time of the murder the house was filled with important people and there was a social affair going on and of course nobody saw anything because the curtains were closed. The lady of the house was out sending someone to look for her husband but then found him before the footman could be sent.

They of course knew Agatha but at first said they hadn't seen her in years.

Agatha Moran was a woman of substance she rain a boarding house for those who didn't have any relatives left and most of her residents had bee…

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I want to wish everyone the luck of the Irish today. We are having very warm, windy and dreary weather today. Don't forget to wear green and did everyone remember the time change this week?

I am trying to curl up with as many good books as possible as I took the week off to catch up with writing reviews and starting the our guest blogging and interviews.

Of course instantly life got in the way when a friend was admitted to the hospital for chest pains. Other minor things in life also kinda road blocked me into having a slow start this week. Needless to say here I am and I will spend the next few days catching up with the reviews and interviews.

Anyone visited your local library lately?

Mine has quilts displayed this month and I love looking at all the antique quilts from years past. We have a very good quilters guild here and every year you can see so many quilts at our local Katy Days so that is nice. I don't quilt I cross stitch but I LOVE quilts and wall hangings.

Anyway don&#…

Review - If Books Could Kill


Author Kate Carlisle

Large Print

Mystery Series


I wouldn't call this series a cozy because I think it has much more intrigue than a cozy mystery but if you like cozies you will probably love this series.

Brooklyn Wainwright is in Edinburgh attending the Edinburgh Book Fair when she runs into her friend and ex-lover Kyle McVee. He asks her to have a drink with him and then tells Brooklyn that he wants her to authenicate an orginal copy of a book written by none other than Robert Burns. The text could change British History and bring shame upon the monarchy. She is curious and takes the text but then while taking a nighttime tour of the city and going down places that would make a clautrophobic think twice she stumbles on a dead body. The man is Kyle and now she must decide who to trust and what to tell Inspector Angus MacLeod and who is this Derek Stone who keeps turning up right when she needs him?

There are a lot of book selle…

Perfect reading Weekend?

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone,

Whether you had a nice long weekend or a rather short weekend I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today let's talk about what a perfect reading weekend means to you? Is that you read a whole book or two in an entire weekend?

Does it mean laying on a beach reading or reading in the hammock? Sitting by a cozy fire leisurely reading while it snows outside or thunderstorms give meaning to a glowing fire or a candle burning?

What is your favorite setting to read by and what is your favorite reading weekend?

Mine is curled up on couch with the tv off and hearing the pitter patter of rain. To me, there is nothing really great about a rainy weekend except reading a good book. Now in the summer or spring (rain permitting) I try to sit in my yardswing and read one hour a day or evening. However we have a bunch of retired people who live in our "hood" and that is fine but it's the other 30% of the neighbors who live here that move in and out th…

Review - Deadly Vows


Author: Brenda Joyce

ISBN: 13:978-0-373-77551-4

Genre: Historical Mystery Series


Page count: 379

A nude portrait and Francesa Cahill's world crumbles. Lured away on the morning of her wedding Calder Hart, Francesca thinks that she can handle retrieving the nude portrait of herself and be back in time to marry Calder Hart. Predictably it doesn't turn out quite as expected because she is kidnapped and ends up missing her wedding.

Calder is furious and does believe her when she tells him she was kidnapped but escaped. Worse yet is the fact that the painting is still out there somewhere. Calder does agree to help her find the portrait and Rick Bragg also helps but Rick is Calder's half brother and they a turbulent relationship. So the hunt is on for the portrait and Francesca is trying her best to win Calder back.

Rick Bragg's own life is a shambles, Francesca wants to help Rick but she doesn't know how and besides they have to find that painting.


Good morning Bloggers & Stitchers!

It's been a while since I wrote a stitching blog. Today is the day that I want to blog about cross stitch.

I love to cross stitch and actually with my life up in the air half of the time I need to cross stitch. It's a pleasure to create a project or picture and stitching give me a sense of completion.

Today I want to ask our stitchers if they have come across any "new to them designers or patterns"? Lately what are some of your favorite stitching projects?Do you have a cross stitch blog where we can see your stitching and are there other stitching blogs you can direct us to?

I finished my BOOKS by Hinzeit cross stitch piece and lately it is my favorite piece. However I have some patterns coming from ABC stitch therapy that I imagine will fit my mood soon. Currently I am stitching on a surprise piece for a couple of friends. So can't discuss my current WIP as they read this blog.LOL

So I wonder what is your stitchy question today? Maybe someone here can answer it…

Movie Review - Amelia


Headline stars: Hillary Swank & Richard Gere

Ameila Earhart is from Kansas and she wants to fly planes. She does indeed start a career in avation and flies planes.

In this movie Ameila works her way up the career chain one flight at a time. She loves flying planes she loves being in the air and has never felt such freedom. When George Putnam the world renowed publisher comes to Ameila with a deal she does take the deal but with reservations. We Ameila making compromises for her career. We find her a wife to George and she is a lover to another pilot. Ameila lives life on her own terms and she does it with clarity. For every choice she makes she is willing to suffer the consequences. She sees the world from the skies and no matter the weather Ameila takes her landings as they comes.

This is a movie about a woman who was before her time and quite possibly the word "NO" never set her back once in her lifetime. It's not only about Ameila but also the men in he…

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

Oh, boy, it’s been another wonderful month (well, except that my printer died, but that’s the only bad thing that happened). Not only did the Scottish Deer Hound win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but I had my annual physical and my doctor said I’m perfect. I’m serious. She said I’m perfect. Of course, she was reading the results of my blood work, etc., when she told me that. When I asked her how come I’m in pain and tired all the time, she told me it’s ’cause I’m old. Well, there you go. I already knew that.

Still and all, it’s been a good month, with much more magic than mayhem going on. The most fabulous and magical thing to happen in February was that Diane Levin, a woman I know only through the mystery readers’ list DorothyL bought herself a Kindle 3. What’s so special about that, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you: DIANE SENT ME HER KINDLE 2!!! Is that the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for a perfect (remember what my doctor told me) person, or isn’t it? And I LOVE my Ki…