Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: BEHIND the WALLS by Elaine L Orr

Author: Elaine L. Orr

Jolie Gentil has bought her own fixer-upper home. Now she just needs to fix it up, buy more furniture, move in and oh yes apparently find the owner of what was behind the walls.

The home projects might have went a lot smoother if a skunk hadn't returned home, a body hadn't been found on her front porch and the person or persons who think they deserve the stash that was found behind the walls that Jolie had to tear down then everything would have been exciting and cozy all rolled into one.

When another murder happens and more suspects are added to the list Jolie thinks she needs to solve the murders before she is the next victim.

BEHIND the WALLS by Elaine L. Orr is a great way to spend any season. Curl up indoors or outside with this book and be grateful you are not remodeling your home. Finding the right furniture is part of the fun.

When her home is broken into, and her pockets are picked she begins to think it's just another day in the neighborhood.

I had fun reading this book. There are unique characters and plot twists throughout the book. The ending wraps up at a steady pace and this book would make the perfect gift for any cozy or mystery lover.

I give this one an 9 out of ten starts.

Pamela James


  1. I really enjoy this series but have seen few reviews of it, so thank you!

    1. Thank you, Billie! I do a monthly newsletter. If you'd like to receive it, let me know. I usually announce a freebie.

  2. I really appreciated this review. I recently did a blog post thanking reviewers. Where would we authors be without you?


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