Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Fire and Ashes by Elaine Viets

This is the second book in the Angela Richman, Death Investigator series.  When Angela is called to a death scene after a fire in the Forest (a very affluent area), she finds a man killed in the fire while his fiancee' is suspected of his murder.  Because the Victim was wealthy and his much younger (and "Mexican") fiancee', Kendra is automatically convicted in the minds of law enforcement and the community.  It appears that The Forest is very polarized along economic divides and there is a very strong racism embedded in the culture.  Though there had been a series of non-lethal arsons leading up to the murder, Kendra and her father are arrested and accused of all the crimes.  Angela, isn't so sure.  She and her friends want to find the truth behind the racial accusations.  

It is a very well told story with strong characterizations and makes you think a lot about insider/outsiders in communities and the quick blame that is often thrown around at the expense of the truth which I find very timely as well.

I love this series and enjoyed the dramatic finale -- the suspense was palpable.  Oh - and it has horses used as stress therapy too -- an added bonus!

And BTW - Baby loved the book too! LOL


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