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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guest Blogger & Giveaway - Dakota Cassidy

Hello, all! First, I’d like to introduce myself to those who have no clue who I am. And before I do, many thanks to Pam for inviting me to come and blog. She clearly deserves a medal for bravest blogger ever 

Anyhoodles, I’m Dakota Cassidy, and I write a humorous series involving women who are accidentally bitten and or turned by all the shapeshifters in the rainbow—vampires, werewolves, demons and anything that has a paranormal bent. But my tales aren’t just about turning into a demon or a werewolf. My books are about friendship and bonds in good or bad that’s eternal. Throw in some delish dude, a little woo to the hoo, and that’s what you’ll find between the pages of my books.

So the series goes like this—The Accidental Werewolf--Accidentally Dead--The Accidental Human--Accidentally Demonic (my recent release) and in May 2011 Accidentally Catty. Quite frankly, I’ll pretty much write anything you can tack on in a title after the word “accidental.” I’m almost certain I have an accidental dry cleaner in my future. Tee hee!

I was asked to write about the relationships between myself and my characters and how it affects my writing. Truth be told—I’m soooo not for everyone. My books are snarky, filled with slang and pop-culture references, evil comparisons to celebrity socialites, and one of my characters has the biggest potty mouth ever. In general, my heroines are similar (not the same, I swear) to the women who are some of my best friends. They talk the way we do, they’re there for each other the way we are, and above all, they totally get one another—just like we do.

Difference being, we’re not shapeshifters. Though, I’m not ruling something like that out…

Hence, I get these women I’ve created. They’re as easy to write for me as breathing. Though, I will admit, the relationship I share with my characters can sometimes be rocky. We have our sluggish moments—you know, those “middle of the book what the heck am I gonna do now?” moments. We have our celebratory moments, the happily ever after kind. We have our lowest of low moments, too. The kind that requires putting our heads together and resolving the conflict without having to pack our bags to prepare for the apocalypse.

And to some degree, my characters have traits that are similar to my own. I tend to pick and choose what works best at any given moment—I know. Go figure.

For instance, Marty in book one is a werewolf, and she loves clothes, shoes and makeup. Soooo me. I love pretty clothes, MAC makeup, and shoes, shoes, shoes!

Nina, a vampire in book two, says whateverthehell she’s thinking and it’s typically littered with words that require a strong constitution when reading. She’s sometimes opinionated to the point of rude, but she always tells it like it is. I’m much like Nina internally. I don’t say whatever I want to, but boy, do I think it, and I try to temper my opinions with lurve. Try. Hard… 

Wanda, whom I can’t tell you about because it’d be a big spoiler, in book three, is very diplomatic and took a couple of books to pick up her spine in a two-fer deal in Wal-Mart. It took me twenty or so years to find mine. Spines are hidden in the feminine protection aisle at Wal-Mart, in case you were wondering. Right behind the Massengil. 

And then, last, but certainly not least is Casey the demon in book four. She’s Wanda’s sister, and she’s very reserved, rather bookish and totally even-tempered. That is until a life-altering event changes her. I wasn’t necessarily quiet (hush, I know what you’re thinking. LOL), but I was never very good at saying what needed to be said or standing up for myself until I had my own life altering event. All of a sudden, I was all mouth, and had I the ability, I’m fairly sure fireballs would have slipped from my fingertips when I was tweaked, too.

Now on any given day, if my characters are stuck—this is where the affecting me part comes in. If I’m stuck on where to go next in a book, not only are they depressed because they need resolution, I get depressed due to lack of word count and finding a solution. Which means French fries and some cheesy Lifetime movie is in their futures. Nina most especially hates that. 

If things are going well, and my characters are developing the way I want them to, they’re happy and so am I because the words are hitting the computer screen like fastballs and all is well in Romancelandia.

To say I’m closely intertwined with these crazy broads is an understatement; yet, I don’t live and breathe them either. I know that probably sounds very non-writerly, but it’s the truth. I seriously don’t spend a lot of time wondering what they’re doing when I’m away from them, and I definitely don’t hear them in my head. I’m just shy of nuts, but not that nuts--not yet.

I definitely think up dialogue, but it’s my voice I hear. Lord knows, I couldn’t possibly have Casey and Nina all up in my brain fighting for very long before I checked off certifiable on my life list of things to achieve. I don’t set a place for them at my dinner table, and I don’t take them into consideration when I plan my vacations.

Which brings me to this—the affect my characters have on me is the affect I let them have on me. I view them as my pawns in this crazy game of accidental paranormalness that I’ve created, my minions to do my bidding, so to speak. Sometimes they surprise me. Sometimes they take a turn I can’t even believe I thunk up in my office at three in the morning. Sometimes they just plain remind me I am a little crazy.

In all of this, I try to remember, this is my full time job. I work hard at it, sometimes upwards to fourteen hours a day. I love my job. I love sitting in my office when everyone else is asleep and making outrageous, ridiculous situations up.


But I can tell you this, no way is one of my heroine’s ever going to affect me so much that I miss a deadline and paycheck. That much you can be sure of.

Especially not that mouthy, overly opinionated Nina. :)

~Dakota Cassidy 


Leave a comment and we will randomly select a poster. Dakota is giving away the book of your choice from AMAZON



  1. Thanks Dakota!

    Your series has been on my wishlist for some time. Now its time to go order....


  2. Sounds like Nina is my kind of gal. LOL. What a fabulous group of characters. I have one of your books in my TBR and it's about to be moved up to the top of the pile.

  3. Sounds like I would really understand Casey.

  4. Hi, Dakota! Thanks for sharing your sharp, wicked sense of humor with your lucky readers! You are taking it all in, and sending it back out with panache! We could all use some loosening up, some laughs and some great fantasy reads : )

  5. I love this series....I have shared it with all of my bookclub and each of us can relate to one of the characters. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Do you have characters that haven't been introduced yet because they'll fit better in a future entry?

  7. I loved your interview and I love the series. I'm glad that there will be a book five and I hope you keep counting. After all, there are so many different personalities out there to write about having an accident.

  8. Hi Dakota,
    Just stopping in to say hi and I love you adn your books. I am sadly behind in reading the series but I have them all waiting on my bookshelf......Darn kids are cutting into my reading time. Anyone want 8 and 11 year old divas? LOL!

  9. Hi Dakota!
    I've told you this before, but I will say it again.. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! I love how they have me laughing out loud. I remember I was at the Dr's office reading Accidently Human and drinking a pepsi, lets just say I burst out laughing so hard I had pepsi coming out my nose, mouth,... the can. The next time I went back there, they had a big sign saying NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED! I would like to think that wasn't because of me.... but I know it was.. lol. Anyway, I'm wishing you continued success on this series :)

  10. Hi Dakota,

    How many more Accidental books are you planning to write?

  11. Howdy. If there is a shoe you haven't bought I have. I love a good laugh and your characters are fascinating!

  12. I know you've already got an "Accidental" for a demon and probably have a list of potential titles a gizzillion pages long but --wait for it-- Accidentally Horny.

    Your books should come with a warning--
    NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED WHILE READING! as I too have spewed(and only in a good way) while reading!

    That said Congratulations on this winning series and I know you can bypass Robb's 30 book series by dozens. Way to go, girl!!

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  13. MSSSS Dakota, I love you and your books. Have been behind, but hope to catch up soon!!! Good luck and congrats!!

  14. I love this series! I enjoyed reading your post!


  15. This is the first time I heard about the next book Accidentally Catty. I love that title.


  16. Great post! I love this series so far and can't wait to read more :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  17. I love the Accidental books -- why because the heroines are people I can relate too... I am snarky, opinionated, shopping diva who according to my sister doesn't have a filter from brain to mouth. I love NINA!!!

  18. Have you ever thought of yoga instead of fries and cheese? I used to go to a yoga class on the third floor of an old building after a loooong day at work. The first two floors had various classes for children. As I walked up the first two floor behind them I was ready to commit something that would have put me behind bars for life! After an hour of bending and twisting I walked down the stairs saying, "Go ahead little ones. Run in front of me and trip me. It's okay" :>)

  19. Dakota, I haven't read any of your paranormal books, but it sounds like they are a must have. Loved your interview! The women in them sound either like me or people I know. Congratulations!

  20. I've just read about this little event in your newsletter, and just had to stop by and say hello:)

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. Dakota, your interview was fun to read...so much that I have to go out and find an Accidental now! Looking forward to it.

  22. Gotta say I do love your books Dakota. I'm more of a Casey, but am very much looking forward to Accidentally Catty.

  23. Dakota, you always make me laugh! I look forward to reading your next interview!

    halukacy at yahoo dot com

  24. I just love your interviews! Got to get going on reading your books. They sound so wonderful! Thanks for being here today.

  25. I need to find your books and read them. They sound so much like some I will enjoy. susan L

  26. Dakota once again "accidentally" found you on a journey through interview land and got some more laughter and interesting info. Thanks for the chance at any MMPB from you and thank you Pam for having the lady entertain us again today!

    jackie b central texas


  27. Congrats, Dakota, on another funny, sexy release! And thanks for bring tears of laughters to my eyes and brightening my days when I read your books!



  28. I so want to read this series! These women are my kin!!! Perhaps not on the outside, but in the inside, whoo howdy!


  29. Great blog post and giveaway!


  30. Ha! This was great. I am a big fan of the snark myself, so I've been wanting to read her for sometime. Well, maybe not the accidental dry-cleaner, but all the rest...


  31. Great interview!! I've got to read theses books. They sound just awesome. I love books that have humor in them..

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I luv Dakota's Accidental Series...Dakota is an always buy author. I can't wait to crack open her books are read away. Makes a gloomy day shiny with laughter and "oh no she didn't" moments! Keep 'em coming, please please please (whiny voice);)


  34. I would love to win one of your books. Your characters sound very opinionated and ditzy. Just like the woman inside my head.

  35. I'd love to win one of your books. I love books that have crazy types of characters (e.g. Joan Hess)


  36. Wow--Hey, guys! Thank you so much for all the kind words of encouragement and the fact that wherever I go, you show up to post and say hello!

    First, sorry I'm late to the party, but I write at night, so I didn't hit the sheets until 5 this morning.

    Second--I'll try to answer your questions, and forgive me if I miss any :)

    Thank you, all!
    DC :)

  37. Please enter me in this great giveaway.


  38. I've had your books on my whislist for a while. I would love to win one of them!

  39. Loved Book 3-now I have to start at the beginning!


  40. Hi--SandyG265! I'm not sure, doll. I haven't planned that far ahead, but anything could happen at this point :)

    Hey, Leni! I create my characters as I go or on an as needed basis. So no, no one I've thunk up for future books because you never know if there'll be future books. I always look before I leap :)

    Heeeey, shannonm--thank your book club for me, would you, doll!
    That's awesome and it makes me smile and smile :)

    Lori, honey--thank you! Muwah :)

    Hellllooo-Tawaina--Beware the Pepsi spew. LOLLOL. Thank you!

    Anonymous--do u have my shoes, lady? LOL

    DC :)

  41. Dakota ~~ Awesome blog! Your heroines sound alot like me and my friends...ah, ME being the potty mouth, lol. You always make me laugh on Twitter, but here is where I admit I have NEVER read one of your books. For some reason I have it in my had they are not romances? But if they're half as funny as you are, who cares? I'd love to win one and try it!!

  42. Good "morning", Dakota, the ever-snarky! *waves*
    Soon, soon, soon, I promise, I will get Accidentally Demonic & read it. Soon! !I really hate it when things like electricity & water & insurance have to take precedence over my love of book buying!)
    P.S. I haven't twittered it lately, but THANK YOU for keeping us snarkily updated on both Bachelor & Idol. :) You've saved me from what happens with no TIVO & real-life getting in the way... :P

  43. Melissa--you don't know the grief and eyeball bleeding you've saved yourself, darling! Yer gonna be like one of the last people standing. LOLLOL. No worries, and yes, they are romances. I think the snark makes people wonder if it's not chick-lit or UF, but it's romance.

    However, DO NOT give in to the impulse to read one of my books. They have all sorts of side effects and warning labels! LOl

    Rissatoo--I lubs me some snarkage on Idol and The Bachelor. It makes me smile and smile :) And thanks, honey!

  44. Hey Dakota!

    I have all 4! AND I LOVE THEM!!! If it wasn't for the blasted writing thing I would have finished Demonic by now. But edits and hey you wana write about this...please. Gets in the way LOL!!!! I also have Kiss and Hell which is really funny too, I love the dogs!

    I was going to ask you about Nina the next time I saw you on twitter, just because I so get her and I guess if I had to pick a character I was like, it would be her. She is the person you want on your side. She is someone who will tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it. I love her!

    Please keep going with the series, the books are fab and so are you!

    Rock on!

  45. Fantastic article Dakota. If I wanted to read the books before, now I am at wits-end with want. The snarkier and nastier the charater the better. I just love pretending charters are really me ;)

    Thank you again, for entertaining me while I should be working!

  46. I love you, Dakota. You so rock. ^_^

    I still want to be a full-time smart a$$ like you. (If only I could finish a manuscript...)


  47. I LOVE your Accidental series and can't wait to read your latest. I have to say that my favorite so far is Nina. She reminds me of my inner self that is tightly restrained lately lol
    Have a wonderful day, Dakota!

  48. Dakota, you are one of the funniest writers I read. However, I have to ask, have you ever had a character walk into your head, demand attention, and then despite the attention you give them complain that they aren't getting enough until you want to torture them slowly? Or is it just me that happens to?

    Have a good day, oh and I can't wait for Accidentally Catty, sounds like it is going to be a wild one.

  49. I love the combo of humor and romance in your paranormal stories, Dakota. You always have me smiling.


  50. I Love your books....they keep me laughing from cover to cover. Thanks so much!!!!

  51. You know it's bad when you can't even type your name straight. LOL. Ok so I've spent the past two days curled into my chaise, with a clip board, printout of my current work, and a red ink pen. Why is it I have to make my pages bleed several times over before I let anyone else see them?

    Oh and Dakota you would not believe that the first word to pop into my head after the word "accidental" was actually "Fishy" and an image of a mermaid. hmm.. I think I am losing my mind again.

    Have a good day ladies, I must regretfully get back to all those red inked pages.

  52. Dakota,
    This is such a fun day for Terri and mine's blog so THANK YOU for taking the time to blog. If any of you who are reading the blogs today are authors please let me know if you would like to be a guest blogger her and contact me at pamelasuejames@gmail.com
    I am definitely trying your books Dakota and Terri will pick the winning blogger tomorrow morning. I wish everyone luck and when I read your books Dakota I'll try not to spew pepsi.

  53. Ashley, Robin K, Bonita/Conchita, Tura Lura, and Cathy M--thanks, ladies! You're awesome!

    Chrisitana--you know, again, I consider myself in charge, so that doesn't happen often. But I can tell you, I have contemps coming out in a series beginning in December, and in the second book, there's a blind ex-football player who happened out of absolutely nowhere with this line said to a secondary character, "You're beautiful." To which she responds, "You're blind." And that's how I found out he was blind. LOL. I don't know where it came from, it just did. So sometimes, yes, a character happens out of the blue and I write them :)

    Pam--thank you so much for having me--and DO NOT DO IT! Yer eyeballs will bleed--ask any one of these brave warriors. LOLLOL

  54. Hi, Dakota! Loooove your books! Your sense of humor just cracks me up whenever I read one of them. :)

  55. I think the best part of the interview was hearing how much you love what you do. I really think that shows through in books when authors love their work! I've just gotten into this genre and it sounds like a great read!


  56. Hi Dakota, I love your series especially Accidentally Dead (My fav!!!). I can't wait to get my hands on Accidentally Demonic

  57. Having read your blog entry has made you even more interesting. I have to admit I have not read any of your books, but am actively searching the web for them now. I can't wait to delve into one. Any suggestions on which I should read first, or just go by release date?

  58. In my imaginary world, I'd love to be bitten by a vampire or shapeshifter but don't tell anyone. lol Thanks for the write up and giveaway.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  59. Hi Dakota! Your books ROCK!! Just started reading Accidentally Demonic this morning. How soon will it be before Accidentally Catty comes out?


  60. I cant wait to read your books. You are so funny. I will remember not to drink or eat anything while reading because I sure as heck dont want to be cleaning my carpet anytime soon. Ha Ha.


  61. Dakota you have seriously introduced me into the world of Romance novels and gawd what a world it is. Well it's really just the world that you've created becasue try as I might I can't get into mushy and stupid heroines.-what a surprise. So just please keep righting that stuff and don't tell my family-it's my guilty pleasure. And don't worry about your characters following yoiu around in your head, I used to have a blue dog named Puffer for the better part of my life, if you can imagine that!-
    Love you and your stories!-Your fan Averi

  62. Need to read your accidental series, but i read Kiss & Hell and loved it! Your book was really funny, can't wait to start on the other ones.

    van p.

  63. I have and read all your accidental series plus some of your others - I LOVE THEM ALL! Please say that you plan on writing more in the accidental series. You always crack me up.
    Your fan,
    Denise T.

  64. Dakota,
    Thanks for being so transparent to us, your readers. I really like your series and know that I will be buying, if I don't win (hint,hint). I like that you love your work and that you are able to pursue it full time.

  65. I've got your Accidental series on my wish list, and plan to get it soon so I get up to speed on these fantastic sounding books.

  66. Hi Dakota,
    I love your writing. I have only read one of them so far but have more in my must read stack.
    Good Luck.
    Julie S.

  67. Annalisa--AC comes out in May 2011--or at least that's the plan :)

    Averi--thank you!

    Darkreader--yep--another planned in May 2011 and the beginning of a contemp series in Dec 2010!

    Everyone else, thank you!

  68. What's up Dakoka? :)

    I don't have this series yet but I WILL have it... soon! As I said on twitter, one way or another. *lol*

    I enjoy rock hard ladies with an edge and a snarky tongue to go with it so this is definately up my alley. I can't wait to get my hands on your books. And when I do, you will know about it for sure.

    Congrats on all your success lady friends and keep rockin!

  69. Your books look so much fun! Anything "snarky" is good with me!

    Please enter me in your contest and thanks!


  70. Dakota,
    You always crack me up and you are a woman after my own heart.....Shoes. You can't have enough shoes.

  71. Haha! Great post! This series sounds awesome! :-)

  72. Dakota,
    Your books are so much FUN!!!!

  73. Hi Dakota! Love your accidental series. You Rock and are too funny! Thanks for stopping by and letting us be part of your world. Best wishes =)

  74. Born and raised in the Dakotas, your name struck me when I first saw t. Finally found one of your books and can't wait to get more.
    Keep up the good work.

  75. I enjoy paranormal, but not the very dark books. I need a sense of humor in the stories I read. Heaven knows there isn't enough of it in our lives.
    Good luck with the release of your new book and with the other books in your series.

  76. I have heard about your books but have never read one. I would like to read one. I heard the are very good.

  77. I have catching comments and blurbs about your books on Fresh Fiction and have been very intrigued. After reading your blog these will be added to my too be read as soon as I can buy them this weekend. They look like fun reads.

  78. Great post and awesome series. Looking forward to Accidently Catty. I also just finished Kiss and Hell, great book too.

  79. oh Dakota, I just love this series. Right now I am reading Accidentally Demonic and also Mark Henry's Happy Hour Of The Damned. I can multitask like that ;) I also loved Kiss and Hell. Keep those books coming, girl!

  80. Hi Dakota!!! I loved the article. I just picked up the Accidental Werewolf, but now I'm thinking I need to hang out with Nina. She sounds like a fun time. Makes me think of Mark Henry's Amanda...are they friends?


  81. Hi Dakota! I loved the article, love your books, and love your style! I have read every one of your books that I have been able to get my hands on, and I can't wait to read the newest one! I was so enamored with your work that I emailed Vicki Lewis Thompson, one of my other favorite authors who has delved into paranormal romance more and more over the last few years, to tell her that she should read one of your books for her monthly bookclub pick on her website! She wrote me back after checking out your site and said she would definitely consider it. I love seeing writers support each other like that! Keep up the great work!

  82. Thanks Dakota for the giveaway.

    Great post.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  83. This series sounds like it would be hilarious!

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  84. heatwave16 --you know, funny you should say that... Mark and I did a spoof on our blogs, featuring Nina and Amanda. And they ARE quite alike, however, the diff ends when it comes to their fresh mouths. LOL. Nina would eat a Jimmy Choo before she'd wear it, and Amanda would eat Nina for eating the Jimmy Choo. LOLLOL

    Beth--thank you so much! I love Vicki's latest title Blonde with a Wand. Love that! And please send her thanks on my behalf if she chooses my book:)

    Everyone else, you're all fab, and my appreciation is never ending!

    DC :)

  85. hi Dakota,

    I would really like to read one of your books. count me in the drawing please :)

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  86. Hi Dakota,

    Your ladies sound like some who have passed
    through my life at times and some who are still around and about. I'd love to read your books to get to know these women better! I'm adding them to my sky-high TBR list!!

    Pat Cochran

  87. Your Characters sound like alot of fun can't wait to get around to reading them .

  88. I like snarky !

    Please enter me in the giveaway.



    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  89. I really enjoyed your post. I can certainly root for your heroines. Its neat to be able to include one's experiences into the book. I suppose you must have lots of bits and pieces of yourself in all your books.
    Thanks for a chance to win! Tamsyn

  90. Who doesn't like snark? And who the heck is getting down on you for it? I'll beat them up or just take them out! LOL
    I have read all accidental books but one I'm in the middle of, accidental demon. I love them all and my husband knows it, he bought the last one for me. I love the characters. The books help me unwind when I've had a day from hell, most days actually.
    Keep writing my friend, you'll always have a fan.

  91. And the winner is Annalisa




  92. I love you and your crazy characters Dakota - their like my friends, you write them so well, they jump off the page and right into my heart!