Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Section 132 by Helga Zeiner

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I really enjoyed this book. Lillian is 13 year old member of a FDLS cult in AZ and she is sent to a compound in Canada as the bride of an exiled member. After mistreatment by her new husband, she begins to question her belief system. Meanwhile, an outsider, Richard, has purchased nearby land for development and has to deal with the cult-leader, Jake, to make his deal go through. The story is told from these two very different viewpoints. What I liked is that it tried to show the reality inside the religious fa├žade and the perceptions by those outside. Explaining why those inside don't leave despite the abuses and why those thrown out (The Lost Boys) have such a hard time adapting to our society. It is very effective storytelling based on many true accounts of those from such backgrounds. You can tell the author has done her research and it is fascinating, just as many of us were fascinated by the stories (and People magazine articles) when Warren Jeffs was arrested and children taken away. 

Section 132 refers to the section of Joseph Smith's Doctrine and Covenants which addresses polygamy in their belief system.

Here is a link to the section:

I love Lillian's struggles and thoughts and for me that was the most riveting part of the book. Richard, I disliked. I had no sympathy for his character except as the outside indifferent viewer.

But this story is definitely one of my favorites of the year so far.         


Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Reading Plans?

What are you summer reading plans?

I have been hooked on Midsomer Murder Movies for the past few years. Well I usually reading Carolyn Hart Books all summer. This summer I decided to read all the Caroline Graham (Inspector Barnaby) mysteries that I can get my hands on. I love the movies and want to see how they differ from the books.

Is there a book you are dying to read this summer or a series?

Yesterday evening I trekked to the library and picked up one of the Caroline Graham Books so I will start reading it by Monday.



Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I made it to Blue Springs, Mo and I am mostly unpacked.

Last night I stayed down in my basement apartment and watched Midsomer Murders, then I watched Miss Bradley so I have to say it was a nice evening.


Mother's Day Melissa took me to Skyline Rest...for lunch. Travis made us burgers and salad last night.

I started reading a book on kindle last night. Can't remember the name of the book...anyone finish a book over the weekend? Did you start a new book to read?

This week should be pretty calm for me. The boys are still in school. Chase will be home at 3:00 and Aiden at 4:00...I have all day free to do what I want and I have my car here so this is going to be great.

Currently I am doing laundry, blogging, checking email and listening to the news.

How is your Monday shaping up?




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