Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman

Sandy Tremont and her family live in a remote house in the Adirondacks.  What starts as a normal day, turns into a nightmare as two escaped convicts invade their home.  The convicts want directions and gear from her outdoorsman husband to escape to Canada, but with an intense storm blowing in, things go from bad to worse.  

Flashbacks to the life of one of the escapees, Nick show what a cold monster he is and the story is taut and intense.  The characters struggle with themselves as well as the invaders.

I absolutely loved the intensity of this book!


Review: The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie

The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie.

In this charming collection of mysteries Miss Jane Marple is at home in St. Mary Mead and is hostess of a dinner party.
The guests are Miss Marple's nephew Raymond West and his friend Joyce, Sir Henry Clithering whose last assignment was Scotland Yard, Dr. Pender, an elderly clergyman and Mr. Petherick who is a solicitor or on this side of things would be known as a lawyer.

The after dinner conversation leads to mysteries. The unsolved mysteries of course and before the night is over the group has formed "The Tuesday Night Club," this means that one member each week must present a puzzle or mystery to the others. This is to enhance and test their deductive reasoning skills.

We soon learn of many stories and of course Miss Marple doesn't have to leave the village or her home to know who the murderer or cheater might be because in St. Mary Mead there is no shortage of suspects and red herrings.

Read The Tuesday Club Murder and come follow the clues with us. See if you can figure out who-dunit and why. Is some lying about motive, is there a bit of misdirection?
This is one of the best collection of stories I have read in a long time. I think if you are a fan of relaxing with a good book while challenging your skills you can miss reading "The Tuesday Club Murders."

I give this collection 9 out of 10 because I didn't guess one of the stories right. See if you can get all of them right.
 Best in reading,
Pamela James

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

May and June

Okay, so things didn’t go quite as planned during the merry month of May. I had been scheduled for hip-replacement surgery on May 3, but I got a sudden, acute medical problem, and the surgery was postponed until May 24. Therefore, most of June has been spent in recovering from my hip operation and trying to figure out what’s wrong with my intestines. I know. How disgusting. But it’s a problem, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Anyhow, the hip-replacement surgery and rehab are going well. I can tell the hip is much better because now my back pain is killing me again. However, I do believe there’s something that might be done about that, so I’m not in flat despair yet. Maybe later.

BRUISED SPIRITS, Daisy Gumm Majesty’s tenth (it’s actually the eleventh, but who’s counting?) adventure will be published August 8. Here’s the cover art and the Kindle link. I don’t think it’s up on Barnes & Noble or the other places yet:

If you entered a contest of mine for either May or June, please feel free to choose any old book you want of mine, and I’ll send you a copy, providing I have one. You can see most of them on my web page (which probably needs to be updated. I’ve not been good for much lately):

Also, Smashwords, on which most of my back-list historical romances and a few cozy mysteries are published in any e-format you want, is having a half-price sale during July, so you can snap up a copy of any old book you want (of mine, I mean) here:

I’ll give away copies of BRUISED SPIRITS at the end of July (or as soon as I get copies). I can send the e-book as soon as August 8 rolls around.

If you’d like to enter my July contest, please send me your name and home address as follows:

Thank you! Please visit my Facebook page if you like, too:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Blog: My library trip

Here is what I picked up at the Parsons Public Library tonight.
THE CAT, The VAGABOND And The VICTIM by LEANN SWEEBEY (Cats in Trouble Mystery)
I have been wanting to try a couple of these so tonight seemed like a good time. This is the only Colin Dexter Mystery they had and I hope I can inter library loan some more of them.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Blog:Happy 4th Of July

Happy red, white and blue day.
It is still raining here but will clear off as the day goes on and at least I could walk Pepper around the block without her freaking out as this will never be her favorite holiday.
It is not my favorite holiday either.
I want to thank everyone for the "Happy Birthday Wishes" I received on July 2nd.

Okay topic change:
I am reading "The Tuesday Club Murders" by Agatha Christie and I love it.
Terri will be posting about her vacation in a few days. In case you didn't already know her and her mother are having a great time.

I am cross stitching on a few things. One is Parisian Cats which is great and I want to have it finished my January. I am also still stitching on "Scarecrows" then there is a surprise I am stitching for someone in my cross stitch group. I also ma working on "The Spell Store" which is so much fun to stitch I don't want to stop.

Coloring well for my birthday Terri sent me a "Day Of The Dead" coloring book that has skulls and skeletons. I have completed one picture in it. She also sent me a "Steam Punk" coloring book and I have almost completed the first picture in that one.

I made myself a Jello/Dream cake for my birthday. It's main flavor is lime.

Last night I made chili cheese tots for supper.

Binge watching Marcella, Columbo, Miss Fisher Mysteries, Murder She Wrote, Death In Paradise, Jesse Stone Mysteries, Flower Shop Mysteries, Murder She Baked Mysteries, Garage Sale Mysteries, The Librarian Mysteries (I want to own this series) just love them.
I also watch Poirot Mysteries and rewatched two Agatha Christie Movies "Evil Under The Sun and Murder On The Orient Express."

Other than this I have been dealing with rain, storms, a stressed dog, when I can I have been tending to flowers indoors and outdoors, visiting with the neighbors, dealing with bugs, mice and laundry.

I kept thinking that I wanted to declutter and pick up the pace on the housework which basically all I did was run in circles.

Oh well I will try for the little at a time method.

I hope you have great picnics, hiking, meals whether it be fish fry, fried chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, steaks or just chocolate.

Okay you know the drill by now. which is if you want a book reviewed, an interview or you want to post your own blog of choice then by all means contact me or Terri so we can set something up for you.
If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have this blog.

Enjoy your holiday and I am off to read more in the "Tuesday Club Murders" oh and if you haven't read any new author or new series I want to leave you with a few you might like to read.
Elaine Viets has a new series and book out so be sure to look her up, Laura Levine has a new book out, Lynn Cahoon has a new book out, Victoria Hamilton has a new book out, Lorraine Barrett has a new book out, Jenn McKinlay, Janet Bolin, Mary Hart, Victoria Abbott (I think this one will be out in October)? Jennie Bentley, Cheryl Hollon, Murder She Wrote, Leanne Sweeney, Stephen King, Eva Gates and I will stop here but I could go on and on and please members feel free to brung to my attention any authors i did not list and no list would be complete without mentioning Jeff Cohen's Series. They are great series and he is quite a remarkable author.
Lee Perry is another one I must add she likes skeletons as much as me especially one special one. Ellery Adams is another one that has my heart as I love all of her series.
Okay I must move along today but feel free to bring more to my attnetion.

May your day sparkle with love and good books.

Review: Die Again by Tess Gerritsen

Rizzoli and Isles are investigating the brutal death of a big game hunter/taxidermist and the stolen snow leopard pelt taken from him.  In...