Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble by Mignon F. Ballard



 This series is set in Georgia in the 1940's. All the young men are at war or others are waiting to be shipped out overseas. Miss Dimple is a teacher and has taught at one time or another almost everyone in town.
One days Miss Dimple and friends are picking peaches when Miss Dimple thinks she heard a scream. Thinking nothing of it the group continues to pick their peaches. Soon they learn that Prentice is dead. not only dead but murdered. Charlie is another teacher at the school. Charlie has a sister named Delia was Prentice's best friend. Delia wants answers and so does Miss Dimple. When another murder happens and more things occurring such as people disappearing then this steps up the women's investigation.
Charlie's mother isn't happy with her investigating and shutting her and her Aunt Lou out of the investigation. Soon family secrets come unraveling and Mad Hattie the town eccentric has a few secrets of her own.
This book is just another great example of Mignon F. Ballard's deft pen and her talent for murder. Mignon is the real deal she knows how to carry a series and she knows people, characters, writing plots and she knows exactly what it takes to be a historical mystery author.
Hats off to Miss Dimple and Mignon F. Ballard for writing one of the most memorable series since Ann B. Ross penned her series.
********* stars.


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