Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On An Island


Sometimes I have too many wonderful books to read. So much so in fact that I may try to rush through a book just so I can get to run that I THINK is greener in order to make myself slow down I think of myself stranded on an island and I only had sooo many books with me. You know the cruise ship wreck...LOL anyway on my island I am forced to slow and down and enjoy the book I am reading. This trick actually works for today I want you to give us some of your reading tricks for stitcking with a book and enjoying the book as in not just racking up book titles so you have a huge number to list at the end of the year in your book journal.

Now this does not include library books that have a deadline as I have not ever figured a way around the hurry that might require a day or two bfore the book is due back to the library.



Review - Death Plays Poker

Death Plays Poker by Robin Spano is the second book in the “Clare Vengel Undercover” mystery series. Publisher: ECW Press, October 2011

World class poker players are being strangled in their hotel rooms, and undercover cop Clare is given her second big assignment: to pose as a poker player in a major televised tournament, befriend the suspects, and find the killer in their midst. Her cover role? A trust fund princess named Tiffany who thinks the poker tour is a better idea than college. Posing as Tiffany helps Clare infiltrate the tour’s inner circle, but uncovering the truth is harder than ever among people who lie for a living.As more players fall prey to the Poker Choker and Clare’s cover comes under attack, the stakes get even higher: should Clare fold and return to her life as a dull beat cop, or go all in and prove her worth?

What a ride! Who knew playing poker could be deadly and when a fellow cop becomes a victim, Clare goes undercover and when the stakes are high, so is the killing. What a great story that kept me both intrigued and amused as the game of poker played out in the background. With an interesting cast of suspects leading the way, it was no wonder the killer’s identity escaped me throughout most of this page-turning and engaging mystery. Using each chapter to give us a character’s point of view added to the suspense of this well-played drama. This was a great read and I look forward to Clare’s next undercover assignment.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is?

What is....

What is your most important topic/rant today? Is it local, , city or state goverment? The recipe that never turns out right for you? A book you read that doesn't quite leave you satisfied? How about a work related issue? Maybe a cleaning solution that doesn't work? Maybe it's people who can't let the issue go or parks a shopping cart in a handicap parking space?

Whatever your topic is tell us about it today?

My small rant is workmen who show up next door to work on a house (roof and inside the house) at 6:30 in the morning and well I might as well get up and out of bed. Now the thing is they pack up and are out of here by noon so you think GREAT one day not so bad only for it to happen again the next morning they stay two hours and are gone again. This keeps happening to me and I am a light sleeper. Can we say grouchy? Would it kill them to wait until 8:00 the duplex next door is empty!!! Anyway that is my small rant....Your turn to rant....



Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Today it's time talk about our pets. I'll go first (VBG) I have two dogs. Heidi is a dream but she doesn't walk she runs. She is German Shepherd and I have to say could never be an indoor dog. We love her and over our back fence is another dog and a tiny terrior dog they are her playmates and she loves them. They bark and howl and have their own communication together.

Now our indoor dog is lady Mysteri and she is the my best friend. She loves to bark and her and Heidi often bark back and forth to one another. Lady Mystery loves wind and she also liked scrambled eggs. Our whole family adores her and I have to say she makes me a lot calmer than I was before I had her. We go for family walks and sometimes family car rides which is one of her passions and the longer the better. Belly rubs by Frank will bring a smile to her face and of course feeding her (she's my fat Diva) will bring a smile. Now I know the vet will be putting her on a diet she is a corgi and 54 pounds this is way too large for this type of dog. I hope she is still smiling by the end of winter because I'm sure that when the vet puts her on a special dog food diet Heidi will hear her wail. LOL Anyway tell us your pet stories. Your pet's favorite thing to do, toys, actions etc...?



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Interview with Rochelle Staab

M&M: Rochelle, tell us about your latest book Who Do, Voodoo?

I’d love to! Who Do, Voodoo? features no-nonsense Liz Cooper, a Los Angeles psychologist with a cynical view of the occult. When Liz's friend Robin finds an unusual tarot card tacked to her front door, Liz writes it off as a prank. Robin refuses to ignore the omen—the same card predicted her husband’s death two years earlier. As more cards and darker threats appear, Liz realizes someone dangerous is upping the ante and she turns to old friend and occult expert Nick Garfield for help. Nick introduces Liz into the voodoo community where their search for the origin of the tarot deck leads to the discovery of a murder veiled in a voodoo curse. Robin becomes a suspect, and Liz has to set aside her doubts about the supernatural to unravel otherworldly secrets and clear her friend—or risk being outwitted by a cunning killer.

M&M: What type of writing schedule do you have and how long does it take you to write your books?

Who Do, Voodoo? took about two years to write. I completed Bruja Brouhaha, the second in the series, in less than a year, and I envy writers who have the creative muscle to write faster. Now that I have publishing deadlines, I write anywhere from one to six hours daily depending on how a scene is flowing. The first draft takes longer, but I can’t get to the fun part—the edits—until the story is finished.

M&M: How many books have you written?

Who Do, Voodoo? is the first novel I wrote. Bruja Brouhaha is my second, and I’m in the thick of writing the third novel in the series. When I began writing WDV, I didn’t anticipate the way Liz, Robin, and Nick would move in and take over my life, but they did! They’ve become my constant companions.

M&M: What writing advice do you have for the novice mystery writer?

It sounds simple but this is vital—keep writing. Find your voice and use it to write the best novel you can. Entertain yourself, learn the rules so you can break the ones that don’t work for you, and write without a timetable. Find a critique partner who “gets” you. Your first goal should be to finish your novel, then rewrite, and rewrite again. Learn your craft.

M&M: Give us some advice on book publishing and promoting your books?

Publishers know their audience, so it’s important to research the industry to find a good match for the style and genre you write in. Publisher’s Marketplace is a great tool for seeing who is buying what. Once your novel has been sold and is ready for market, the work begins. Authors actually have two jobs—writer and self-marketer. Visibility is key. Months before release get yourself out there—be active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the online groups; and, if you can, attend genre-relevant conferences to meet your peers. Familiarity and word of mouth are your friends.

M&M:Do you have a favorite book signing story to tell us?

Oh, it has to be my signing at Mystery One Bookstore in Milwaukee, my hometown. The shop was jammed with my family and oldest friends, people I’ve known all my life. My friend Randy sat next to me in high school English Lit class; Bob worked with me at my first job in the advertising business. The evening was truly old home week. And to top it off, Mystery One is located in a classic east side building that once housed an old beatnik after hours club my friends and I snuck into when we were teens! It was a very special night.

M&M: Since you've become an author; what is the most humorous thing that has happened to you?

It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s funny. I needed a cold reader for the first draft of my second novel and one of the men I used to work with begged me to let him read it. Okay, I thought, he’s not really a writer or a mystery fan but he liked Who Do, Voodoo? Why not? I gave him a rough copy and waited two weeks for a response. Nothing. I waited another week. Nothing. I finally called him, “So, how did you like the story?” His answer will go down as one of the classic reviews of all time: “Didn’t finish it yet, but wow! I LOVE the paper you printed it on!” (I smack myself on the forehead.)

M&M: Okay now for some fun questions. What is your favorite meal, movie, book and color?

My favorite, favorite winter meal is a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. In summer I can live on watermelon. Without a doubt, my two favorite movies are The Philadelphia Story and Bull Durham, both fill my requirements for a satisfying film: good sets, good clothes, one good kiss. Favorite book is a little more challenging. For humor, The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse; for great noir mystery, The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett. I’m a serial reader. When I find an author I like, I’ll read everything he/she wrote before I move onto the next author. And my favorite color is red. You’ll see me in red lipstick every day.

M&M: What would your characters say about you if we asked them how you came up with their names?

I love how you phrased the question because as I developed the characters, they definitely had a say in how they were named. Nick was easy and accepted his name without comment. He was named in homage to Hammett’s Nick Charles in The Thin Man, and his last name, Garfield, is the street I grew up on. I began writing Liz as Lizzie, but within the first few pages she objected. Lizzie wasn’t serious enough for a PhD, so she shortened her name on her own. Only her father and ex-husband get away with calling her Lizzie. Honestly? I don’t remember where Cooper came from. Liz truly named herself. The gal is very sure of who she is.

M&M: What is your idea of a favorite vacation?

If you had asked me three years ago, I would have answered “a trip to Egypt or Mexico to view the pyramids.” I adore exploring the past, but lately my expeditions are for novel research. Now I’m thinking a week on a Hawaiian beach under an umbrella with a bag full of mystery novels, a dish of macadamia nuts, and a cup of lemonade sounds like heaven.

M&M: is there something you would like to tell you your readers?

Yes, yes—thank you for embracing Liz, Nick, Robin, Dave, Viv, and the rest of the gang. I had so much fun writing them and I’m thrilled my readers fell into the story and went along for the ride! It feels like I’m introducing my favorite people to new friends. 

M&M: Leave us with your future writing plans.

Bruja Brouhaha, the second novel in the Mind For Murder Mystery series will be out in August 2012, and I’m writing the third novel now. There are so many interesting and complex shades of the occult to keep Liz and Nick busy for a long time. Murder with a supernatural twist fascinates me.

Thank you so much for inviting me here to chat with you and your readers. Mystery lovers rock!

Rochelle thank you for doing the interview. I will let you know when we have it posted on

Rochelle Staab, a former award-winning radio programmer and music industry marketing executive, blended her fascination with the supernatural and her love for mystery in WHO DO, VOODOO? the first novel in her Mind for Murder Mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our First Time?

Our first time:

I am curious so I thought I would ask the question: Aside from Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie and the same goes for Sherlock Holmes I am going to ask you what is the first cozy mystery you read?

I know that mine was DEATH ON DEMAND by Carolyn Hart and I was hooked. I never looked back and I can credit Carolyn with the fact that I became a mystery author. Her books inspired me and I have to say Phylis Whitney also inspired me as she wrote several articles and books on writing and I loved them so did Slyvia Barrack and this year I am going to go back reread these books., I remember the excitement I had with the thought of writing my first mystery. I remember the first blank page that combined terror and excitement.

There are not enough blogs to go into the writing detours my life had taken but those first years were so important and those first books were more important. I couldn't have though back before the Carolyn Hart days that I could write a book. I pretty much taught myself and some days this shows oh so clearly so I am not a real fan of self taught I do think that we all need some sort of formal training to cross the t's and dot the i's.

I do however believe in not squelching anyone's writing excitement the excitement and opening new worlds has to be there. It is common to fall on your face in any career ours just happens to have more people read about's okay to fall down the true test of your character and that of your characters is to get up again and write.

My problem these days seems to be lack of focus and finishing something but I think I am finally able to get past my past failures. (You didn't think you were the only one)? I do think I will probably try publishing with ebook and other avenues. Mostly because I am 54 and won't live forever like I though I would when I was 27, 37, 47 and well hopefully by the time I am 57 I will have a few things published. Did I mention a writing career comes with stars in your eyes? But don't quit your day job like I did. Leaving the library was a huge mistake I should have stuck it out and kept working because now I live in a vacuum and it's hard to be creative in a vacuum. I have more time to write but the connection to the human race is a must. I mean how do you write about characters when you are not among people? Well I'll tell you...

One way I do it and (shusssh don't tell my family and friends they think I'm crazy enough), I watch the Price Is Right every morning five days a week. I mean there are some real characters that get on that show. It's not only my gulity pleasure it's my gulity writing pleasure. I want Drew Carey to write a book about the characters on that show. They sometimes have theme shows and one of my favorites was when the wedding show aired there are SOME couples out there. LOL Also another show I think is good for studying characters is Harry's Law now that show has it all when it comes to character sketching just take a notebook and watch a few episodes. It's a great way to get will get writing idea and character idea one right after the other.

Now you probably want to know my one writing regret(I'm sure I heard somebody ask)....see I'm a little nuts. Okay a lot nuts but that is another blog...for another day.

My writing regret is that I didn't learn my history well enough and won't live long enough to write a believeable historical cozy mystery. I would love to write one set in the 40's and 50's as a matter of fact my heroine in the genre is Amanda Matetsky she KNOWS how to entertain us with humor and I so want to be able to do what she does but of course there is only one Amanda Matetsky, just like there is only one Carolyn Hart, Lorraine Barrett, Leann Sweeney, Rhys Bowen and I am crushed but there you have it. DO NOT try to copy another authors writing way way too many judges spend their days in court along with lawyers and authors because somebody got carried away by their favorite authors. Instead create your own style but enjoy your favorite authors books and learn from the books......See from Carolyn Hart's books I learned that I liked cats in mysteries and I loved bookstore mysteries, from Mary Daheim's books I learned that I really enjoy B&B Mysteries and I like Kooky characters with heart but a head for solving crime. With Amanda's books I learned that he main character in the right setting and the right background will make all the difference and the devil is in the details....

In Writing,


Review - Skating Over the Line

Skating Over The Line by Joelle Charbonneau is the second book in the “Rebecca Robbins” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, September 2011

Rebecca Robbins is desperate to sell her inherited roller-skating rink in small-town Indian Falls, and—finally—she has a buyer. She can’t wait to head back to Chicago, especially now that her long delinquent father has blown back into town, but Lionel, her veterinarian boyfriend, thinks she should stay put. Also, the gang at the Senior Center wants her to track down the thief who’s been hot-wiring rusted-out classic cars. Unable to resist, Rebecca soon has the Sheriff’s Deputy threatening to arrest her for obstruction, and strange but scary men threatening her life. Then cars start exploding, with people in them, and Rebecca’s father goes missing. With the help of Pop, her Elvis-impersonating grandfather, Rebecca must find the pyromaniac car thief and put a stop to him—before he stops her first.

All Rebecca wants is to sell the skating rink and return to Chicago, but when Pop’s friend’s car is stolen, Rebecca reluctantly takes the case, only to find the car ablaze. With a visit from her estranged father and being threatened, Rebecca has her hands full trying to find an arsonist car-thief. What a fun read! This was an enjoyable story from the moment I opened the book and read the first line. The mystery kept me turning the pages and the lovable and eccentric characters of Indian Falls entertained me with their humorous antics and engaging dialogue. I look forward to more adventures with Rebecca and gang in this charming and delightful series.


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kindle or Nook?


Okay so far we haven't mentioned kindles on our blog or any other ereaders etc...but today I am thinking about them so thought I would have everyone weigh in on this topic. Tell me what you have and why you chose yours? There are all types of these readers out there so I am curious about which suits you and why you wanted to buy the one you did? Are you still happy with it? Tell us about font and background? How many books have you read on the let's say for this blog Kindle? What was the first book you put on your reader? How long did it take you to learn your way around it?

That is today's topic and I hope you will tell me about yours so when the time comes I can make an informed decession.

In reading,


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cross Stitcher's Day

Cross Stitchers Day:

Last week our Creative Cross Stitch Group (and if you are interested in joining you can find ous on yahoogroups), had our first November 1st SAL (Stitch Along)  stitch in day. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my cross stitch immensely that because in Parsons I really do not have anyone to talk about cross stitch with let alone cross stitch with anyone. Our town is a quilting town and these quilting groups make some lovely quilts but alas I am not a quilter. Love them immensely but I do not quilt.

Anyway for our cross stitch buddies on the list I thought I might ask what you are stitching and how many of us are Christmas stitching? How many days a week do you stitch and have you ever taught anyone else to cross stitch?

Do you have a face to face cross stitch group that you stitch with? What about cross stitch buddies? What was the last pattern you bought? What was the last fabby and floss you bought? Tell us your cross stitch themes?

Mine are mostly Noir and retro themes but lately I also have included samplers. My many many genres are coffee, gingerbread, halloween, and from there we go back to the Noir and retro. Heaven and Earth Designs are literally to die for and I really love the Randall Spangler Patterns.....on the fantasy front I really for some reason like the storybook characters and wizards.

So now you know how my taste runs but I also want to take about the creative things you can do with cross stitch. I know some of my friends and myself include love to make halloween cross stitch ornaments and then take a tree branch or limb spray paint it and decorate a halloween tree. The same with cross stitch cookie patterns for Christmas you can collect small cookie patterns and make a cookie or sweet tree. There of course are the altoid tins that everyone is stitching and book bags, tote bags, alway a fav seems to be sweatshirts and potholders, guest towels and T-Towels (I'm not talking about stamped cross stitch but creating your own design), checkbook covers, coffee or tea mugs, serving trays is no longer the cross stitch your grandmother used to stitch  although there are some lovely antique samplers on the market today.

Anyway I thought I would give our cross stitchers some time to catch everyone up on their projects and ideas.....



Review - A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair

Maddie Cutler goes home to CT for her sister's impending wedding.  But at a party in their family home, a woman is murdered.  And her baby sister is the suspect.  Then she finds another talent she has besides fashion design - sometimes the vintage clothes talk to her.  And visions of the past, along with support of family and friends, she learns the keys to the crime lay in the past.  Very fun read, with loads of great fashion quotes and descriptions.  Then there are the interesting and fun characters.  I loved this book and look forward to more in the series

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Washington Ballet's The Great Gatsby at the Kennedy Center

I really enjoyed this performance.  I think it is a story that translates very well to Ballet.  And thanks to a generous doantion, TWB now has live music again - which was great.  I do enjoy good jazz after all.The costumes of course I loved as well - fringe, sequins, handkerchief hemlines.  How can they not be fun?

The dancers were great, particularly those who played Daisy, Myrtle and Gatsby.  The props and sets were often whimsical and often just plain lovely.  The jazz soloists were incredible and except for a couple moments I just didnt get (dancing with curtain only lifted to about the knees and a GREAT but to me not revelevant to the story tap dance), the dancing highly emotional and evocative.

I walked away from the performance in an upbeat mood feeling satisfied. Too bad the show had such a short run - because I really would recommend everyone to go see it.


Review - Flipped Out by Jenny Bentley

Flipped Out by Jennie Bentley is the fifth book in the “Do-It-Yourself” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, October 2011

Avery and her hunky handyman boyfriend Derek Ellis are renovating another house in Waterfield, Maine. But it’s not just any house. It belongs to local news anchor Tony “the Tiger” Micelli—and it’s a quaint cottage with limitless possibilities. Even more exciting is that the makeover is going to be filmed as part of a home renovation TV show.  Unfortunately the road to cable TV fame is a bumpy one: this DIY spins into a DOA when Tony’s corpse is found at the cottage, flat on his back and not from natural causes. Turns out there were a few people who wanted Tony dead, and that the murderer might have his sights set on a few more Waterfield residents. That means it’s up to Avery to nail the killer. Before someone yells “Cut!” and it’s all over.

Avery and Derek’s next renovation project will be part of a reality project with five days to complete the project. Things go astray when the owner’s dead body is found and now the frantic pace to complete their project turns into a frantic pace to find a murderer before the crew leaves town. What a great read. This well-plotted mystery had so many twists that every time I thought I knew who the killer was, another person had a better motive, and yet I didn’t suspect the killer when they were finally revealed. What draws me back to the adventures of Avery and Derek are the relationships with their friends, the ambiance of their coastal town and the warm feeling I get when I’m flipping the pages. The author continues to write a series that is both exciting and entertaining and I look forward to the next book in this enjoyable series.

--Dru Ann

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Books, Books, Books

Books Books Books:

So while Oklahoma was having earthquakes last weekend my husband was visiting our daughter and grandchildren. He stopped by half price books in Olathe and picked me up these gems.


DON'T DRINK THE WATER by Susan Rogers Cooper

THE BODY IN THE BONFIRE by Katherine Hall Page

DIPPED, STRIPPED and DEAD by Elise Hyatt

SCARED STIFF by Annelise Ryan all of them for 3.00 or under.....

I was surprised that he chose so many but every year I try (don't always succeed) to have some books for when I am snowed or iced in which of course can always happen from Oct thru April in Kansas.

Anyway I had sent him to search out some writing books but he never bought any of those...

Which is my topic today as in for our authors on this list and in cozyarmchair what writing books have helped ? My coblogger Terri sent me links to free writing books and I am going to be reading some of them. I will have to take breaks but that is okay and I am very thankful that these are free books.

I am going to leave us with a cozyarmchair thought for the day.

"Authors from cozyarmchair if you want an interview please email offlist so that I might schedule one with you. I haven't kept up on interviews but am ready to start interviewing our authors. If anyone else would like an interview such as our stitchers, other authors etc..please contact me. My email addy is

We are having storms move in today and all the way through Wednesday but Kansas so needs the rain!

Iam hoping to finish writing my short story by January first maybe post it on smashwords etc.....

We are deep into fall and I for one love the color changes on the trees with leaves that are left. Lost a lot of leaves in the past week.

In writing and reading


P.S. Any of our readers who would like to be interviewed please email me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011



I love a great fall scene and today I have chili in the crockpot because our leaves changed color (finally) and it's cold outside with a high of 48 today. I love a good book, chili and a great fall scene.

What is your favorite fall scene? Does the season find you reading more books as we become cooler and do more inside entertainment?

Do you have a favorite fall meal and do you ever reread a book or series?

Okay I am off to see what other mischief I can create. I might light a pumpkin candle...I have to write today so I don't want to do any baking that is longer than thirty minutes. So far the cooking channel hasn't come up with a thirty minute baking show but if they do I am there.

Happy Reading and good scents,


Review - The Devil's Puzzle

The Devil’s Puzzle by Clare O’Donohue is the fourth book in the “Someday Quilts” mystery series. Publisher: Plume, September 2011

Nell and the Someday quilters undertake their first cold case in a series that continues to bewitch.

After their quilting retreat upstate, the Someday Quilts ladies return to Archers Rest to prepare for the town’s big anniversary celebration. But their plans are unexpectedly derailed by the discovery of a human skeleton in Nell’s grandmother’s backyard. When a menacing wave of shattered windows, defaced graves, and threats to prominent citizens follows, fears fly that the town’s bygone history of witchcraft has been reawakened. Shockingly, Nell’s grandmother becomes the prime suspect, and the ladies must solve the mystery and clear her good name–even if it means putting Nell’s own life in danger.

When a dead body is found in Eleanor’s backyard, Nell, our amateur sleuth, is on the case where secrets buried deep are about to be exposed. Concerns for her grandmother have Nell looking for clues to the identity of the body and the reason for his death. When vandalism hits the town, Nell wonders if these acts are connected and will leave no stones unturned until a killer is caught. What a great and enjoyable read! This well-crafted mystery was a delight to read. The storyline kept me intrigued as it came to an exciting and surprising finish. The mystery plays a large part in this book, but it’s the relationships and camaraderie among the residents that keeps me coming back. I love Nell because she is such a strong protagonist who is not afraid to be direct in her quest. With an endearing cast, great dialogue and the sense of small-town community, this is the best book yet in this character-driven and charming series. Especially nice is I’m a minor character in the book.

Reviewed by Dru Ann Love

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning,

Well it's November so it's time to winterize your reading list. I guess what I meant to ask is...."Do you stock pile mysteries/books so that if there is a blizzard like what happened to (Mare and our other cozy friends) then you have a bunch of your favorite books on hand to read? See to me this situation is different than just having a tbr pile because the tbr pile is great but when I'm in a blizzard (I live in Kansas si it's happened) I start climbing the walls and I need a book that will make me forget the weather outside. I also don't go to the library as often when we start receiving snow and ice so I do have a tbr pile and my weather crisis pile. Some of the authors that I must have in my weather crisis pile are Emily Brightwell, Nancy Atherton and Kate Kingsbury as I really like to read historical mysteries. Amanda Matetsky doesn't write fast enough to suit me. LOL BUT this year I am adding Rhys Bowen's books and Lorraine Bartlett and Barrett now Lorraine is also a must in my tbr piles.LOLOLOL Elaine Viets will be a counted in as will Leslie Meir and Mary Daheim. Who is in your weather crisis pile? Katherine Hall Page is another great selected series as is Sarah Graves but anyway the choices you make probably won't be the choices I make......I really must think ahead because in Kansas a blizzard and really swful weatehr can happen anywhere from October through April but mostly it's Jan, Feb and March that seem to make me a little crazier. We've had snow on Halloween and I have evn centered one of the mysteries I wrote around snow on Halloween.

So tell us your must have on hand titles or authors?



Review: Blotto, Twinks and the Intimate Review by Simon Brett

Blotto and his friend go see  Light and Frothy;   a new popular show and his friend falls for the star of the show.  After his friend is k...