Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cross Stitcher's Day

Cross Stitchers Day:

Last week our Creative Cross Stitch Group (and if you are interested in joining you can find ous on yahoogroups), had our first November 1st SAL (Stitch Along)  stitch in day. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my cross stitch immensely that because in Parsons I really do not have anyone to talk about cross stitch with let alone cross stitch with anyone. Our town is a quilting town and these quilting groups make some lovely quilts but alas I am not a quilter. Love them immensely but I do not quilt.

Anyway for our cross stitch buddies on the list I thought I might ask what you are stitching and how many of us are Christmas stitching? How many days a week do you stitch and have you ever taught anyone else to cross stitch?

Do you have a face to face cross stitch group that you stitch with? What about cross stitch buddies? What was the last pattern you bought? What was the last fabby and floss you bought? Tell us your cross stitch themes?

Mine are mostly Noir and retro themes but lately I also have included samplers. My many many genres are coffee, gingerbread, halloween, and from there we go back to the Noir and retro. Heaven and Earth Designs are literally to die for and I really love the Randall Spangler Patterns.....on the fantasy front I really for some reason like the storybook characters and wizards.

So now you know how my taste runs but I also want to take about the creative things you can do with cross stitch. I know some of my friends and myself include love to make halloween cross stitch ornaments and then take a tree branch or limb spray paint it and decorate a halloween tree. The same with cross stitch cookie patterns for Christmas you can collect small cookie patterns and make a cookie or sweet tree. There of course are the altoid tins that everyone is stitching and book bags, tote bags, alway a fav seems to be sweatshirts and potholders, guest towels and T-Towels (I'm not talking about stamped cross stitch but creating your own design), checkbook covers, coffee or tea mugs, serving trays is no longer the cross stitch your grandmother used to stitch  although there are some lovely antique samplers on the market today.

Anyway I thought I would give our cross stitchers some time to catch everyone up on their projects and ideas.....



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