Friday, January 31, 2014

On a High Note:


It occurred to me I didn't exactly leave everyone feeling warm and cozy with the first blog. It actually sounded a little like a downer post. So here is one that maybe will leave you on a high note.

I am going to tell you three positive things about today.
1. My dog Pepper snuggles up with me for hours under a nice warm blanket.
2. It's Friday and that alone is enough to celebrate the day.
3. Chores are done and I can now do something I love to do.

For the weekend well I will watch The Super Bowl on Sunday. I have lots to stitch on a project and I have a few good books to keep me entertained. Let alone the Sunday night lineup of shows to watch. The weather outside isn't great but that is okay because inside is cozy!!!


Are You Afraid to Live?


What are you afraid of and I do not mean spiders etc...I mean are you afraid to live your life to the fullest? What adventure would you like to do or go on? What holds you back from achieving your goals?

For me I think I was doing just fine in my first marriage. Before my first marriage and then something happened. It happened slowly over time but it happened. First when my first marriage ended, I took it as a failure and since by then motherhood was involved, I never felt I quite measured up.

Then I started not traveling as much, soon I turned a little more bitter and once again, less adventures.

Second marriage, my husband said he was a homebody, but actually he always is on the go and what that translated to was a wife he wanted to be home so he could do his thing and shine. Now, he was/is a great father and my children have no complaints.

But for me I realized that this started a thing for me. I was content to read about adventures and live vicariously thru my friends etc.....
Lately, I have been thinking about this and realized somewhere along the line I became afraid to live life to it's fullest. I became afraid of everything and everyone. BTW, this does not set a good example for your children. I will say my children love adventure and travel etc...BUT they really don't think I know anything or have lived before them! (LOL)
I am thinking that it wasn't that I became too comfortable as much as it was I became afraid.

Now, I am not going to examine all of this too closely, but instead I think maybe for me, baby steps is a good thing. So I am starting with a face to face cross stitch group that will meet others on a regular basis and from there I think I want to leap further. This may sound absurd but I really think once I take this baby step, other things will follow.

So are you living your life to the fullest?



The Agatha Award Nominees are....

Congratulations to all of this year's Agatha Nominees!


Best Historical Novel


Heirs and Graces by Rhys Bowen (Berkley)

Death in the Time of Ice by Kaye George (Untreed Reads Publishing)

A Friendly Game of Murder by JJ Murphy (Signet)

Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson (Berkley Prime Crime)

A Question of Honor by Charles Todd (William Morrow)


Best Children's/YA Nominations


The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau (HMH Books for Young Readers)

Traitor in the Shipyard: A Caroline Mystery by Kathleen Ernst (American Girl Mysteries)

Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower (Zonderkidz)

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein (Random House Books)

Code Busters Club: Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure by Penny Warner (Edgmont USA)


Best Contemporary Novel


Through the Evil Days by Julia Spencer-Fleming (Minotaur Books)

Pagan Spring by G.M. Malliet (Minotaur Books)

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny (Minotaur Books)

Clammed Up by Barbara Ross (Kensington Books)

The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillippi Ryan (Forge Books)


Best Nonfiction


Georgette Heyer by Jennifer Kloester (Source Books Inc.)

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova (Viking Penguin)

Not Everyone's Cup of Tea: An Interesting & Entertaining History of Malice Domestic's First 25 Years by Verena Rose and Rita Owen (editors) (Wildside Press)

The Hour of Peril: The Secret Plot to Murder Lincoln Before the Civil War by Daniel Stashower (Minotaur Books)


Best First Novel


Death Al Dente by Leslie Budewitz (Berkley Prime Crime)

You Cannoli Die Once by Shelley Costa (Pocket Books)

Board Stiff by Kendel Lynn (Henery Press)

Kneading to Die by Liz Mugavero (Kensington)

Front Page Fatality by LynDee Walker (Henery Press)


Best Short Story


"Evil Little Girl" in Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Barb Goffman (Wildside Press)

"Nightmare" in Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Barb Goffman (Wildside Press)

"The Hindi Houdini" in Fish Nets by Gigi Pandian (Wildside Press)

"Bread Baby" in Best new England Crime Stories 2014: Stone Cold by Barbara Ross (Level Best Books)

"The Care and Feeding of House Plants" by Art Taylor (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)


Please join us in congratulating the nominees. We'll see you all at Malice!


Shawn Reilly Simmons
Malice Registrations


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I am doing today

I started the morning writing but I got stuck early on so I decided to go to the hair of the to speak. I decided to sit down and cross stitch and you know what? It worked I stitched my way through the plot problem and can proceed with more writing today.

When you are stuck in a project and don't exactly have an answer right away. What do you do to get yourself back on the right track and frame of mind?

I am not talking about writing I mean whatever your chosen projects are that happen befuddle you. In my case I got lucky today because as every writer knows it's not always that easy. However I knew the answer had to be there and once I concentrated on something else it came to me.

I used to have this happen a lot when my hands were in dishwater. LOL



Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Review: Rapture-Palooza






, , | »                       

The Rapture has occurred and the non-believers and left on Earth to face trials and tribulations and the AntiChrist! Kendrick and Daley (He is Sweets from Bones - a character I love!) are a young couple caught up in it all.  Dodging flaming rocks falling from the sky, avoiding Wraiths and driving in Blood rain are just part of the new-norm for them.  It is that attitude that makes this movie satisfyingly funny and irreverent.    When The AntiChrist decides he wants her to marry him and have his demon spawn, they come up with a way to kill the AntiChrist and then God gets involved leading to a perfect ending IMHO.  Not for everyone, esp. if you don't care for really silly movies and poking fun at religious themes.  But it IS all in good fun and a nice twist on the current dystopian/post-apocalyptic trends!


Review: The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling

  • The Cuckoo's Calling
  • by Robert Galbraith
  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Mulholland Books (April 30, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 0316206849
Lula Landry is a top supermodel whose apparent suicide is not accepted by her brother.  So he hires Cormoran Strike to find out the truth.  Cormoran Strike is a veteran with a prosthetic leg and a nowhere to go since his girlfriend kicked him out.  He is up to his eyeballs in debt and living in his PI office.

Lula's brother comes to him because he was once a friend of their brother Charlie.  Strike and his temp secretary, Robin, investigate to find out if it truly was a suicide or murder.  Robin is an incredibly likable and efficient character and adds a lot to the investigation and helping Cormoran through his hard times.

It was nice to see Rowling write something else I enjoyed.  (Haven't read Casual vacancy yet).  This is a good hard-boiled tale and quite different from Potter. This was a really good read, but paced slower than I might like.   Not a fan of his name - small detail.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Murder as a Second Language by Joan Hess

 Hardback edition
Cozy mystery Series (A Claire Malloy Mystery)

Claire is bored and to prove it she takes "French Cooking Classes", her hunky new husband Peter Rosen thinks her time might be better spent on some other endeavor.

Claire really does her best to try volunteering her services. It seems she either has to wait for an opening or her services are not needed. This rankles Claire in more ways than one.

Then her daughter Caron and Caron's best friend Inez need to add a little zest to their college applications and resume. This leads them to volunteering to teach English to students from other countries. In turn this leads Claire to the ESL Literacy Council as she was an English major. BUT they don't want her to teach they want her on their board.

That is when the trouble begins because Claire never wanted this gig and she get roped into serving on the board. Then she gets a frantic call from her husband enlisting her help as the not so nice Russian Student of a certain age has been murdered.

Can Claire solve the murder and that is not the only crime at the non-profit organization. The personalities on the board are all a little off the mark of sane. Not to mention some of the students lest we forget the teachers.

Claire has her work cut out for her. She is happy to help and is no longer bored. However, Petter didn't tell her to put her life on the line once again.
MURDER AS A SECOND LANGUAGE is typical to the series. However this is not my favorite mystery in the series. Don't let me stop you from reading the book as I would love to know what you think. Out of ten stars I can only give this one a six.



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Creep by Jennifer Hillier

Read this as a buddy read (we both had in our TBR piles)

Professor Sheila Tao is a sex addict.  When her boyfriend proposes, she ends the affair with her Teaching Assistant, Ethan.  But then her world starts to fall apart as Ethan is not happy with her decision and wants to hurt/scare/punish her.

This is very fast paced and exciting read.  The title fits Ethan to a "T".  It is very creepy and horrifying and soon Sheila's life is a nightmare.  For a psychologist, she missed a lot, but she WAS dealing with her own addiction so...

My only fault - a MAJOR plot twist near the end of the book that changes everything with NO discernible clues anywhere in the book.  Felt blind sighted and a bit cheated.  I know I might miss clues and that's okay.  But both my buddy read partner and I saw nothing and were a bit annoyed.

However, having said THAT, we both loved the book and are going to read the next one in the series!


  Product Details

  • File Size: 769 KB
  • Print Length: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Gallery Books; Reprint edition (July 5, 2011)
  • Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B004G8QNGW

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surviving the Weather

Today I am checking in and hoping everyone is surviving their weather conditions this week. We are cold but it's at least sunny today. A month or so ago we asked everyone what they would like to see more of on our blog. The overwhelming consensus is that you wanted to know about Terri's and mine's everyday world.

Today I will tell you that I have put out a loaf of frozen white bread to let rise. Made some chili and I find myself missing my mother.  I did some reading and then watched Downton Abbey from last Sunday. I have went over some plot points and the laundry is almost finished.
I didn't write today because I haven't slept well in a few nights and the next part is a rather crucial part of the chapter. I decided to let it ride until in the morning. Much like coffee parts of my mind has to brew. However, not to waste my writing day I went over plot points and gave myself a moment of clarity. I also made notes about a scene that will happen later in the book.
Then I pondered that I might write a young adult mystery (much like Nancy Drew) but not at all like Nancy Drew. If you're a writer or reader of many mysteries you will automatically get what I am saying to all others who read our blog.
"Basically I am saying that Nancy Drew Mysteries have already been written but if you like those mysteries you will probably like mine. Mine would be a protag who is sixteen but the setting will take place in the 1920's possibly 1930's at a bookstore that her father owns. From there I only have vague ideas.

Next today came a few text from a friend complete with fun pictures. We often compare what we read, watch and wear. Oh I also tried to rematch my earrings, find backs to them and read the pages of my book outloud.

So far all else has been rather ordinary such has a walk to the mail box. Nothing fun for today in the mailbox.  I did dishes and made the to-do list for tomorrow. I really dislike hump day although the camel makes it somewhat fun. LOL
This evening after supper I will cross stitch. Check email and oh yes I check facebook a couple of times today. I also answered a few emails.
That is it for now as I am just checking in with everyone.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Do you do to have fun?

Good Morning,

Okay my topic of the day. "What do you do to have fun?"

For me I love to go to antique shops, thrift shops, cross stitch stores and just browse. Much like I would do in a bookstore. The difference is sometimes I look at a dresser or lamp and try to imagine the people of the past that once owned the dresser or lamp. I can come up with a whole story in my head about the person who made the piece or the family who owned the piece. To me this is fun.

Another one of my fun filled passions is vintage clothing and who wore them or made them. We all know I have a passion for aprons.
I also love hats and handbags so when in those shops I have a lot of fun.
As you might well guess this also leads to museums.  Love, love and love going to museums. It opens my muse so to speak and I find myself enthralled with the past and paintings etc...

I also know walking is good for and if I just walk for the sake of walking I run out of steam. However if I am doing something like walking a museum I will not think about how far I have walked or for how long. I just enjoy and imagine.

I have yet to visit a quilt museum but it's on my list of things to see. I also want to visit a hand embroidery museum (if such a thing is out there and I am sure it is), of course I love going to cross stitch shops and browse.
In a cross stitch shop or a book shop/store I can't be counted on just to browse. I confess I am a weak woman. What I do look for in perusing the stores is what is new in patterns and fabric.  Again this turns my imagination loose an I always think..."What if."

Of course this leads to ideas for a mystery or a short story. For me this is how I have fun and probably combine work and fun.
What do you like to do that is fun for you?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Buddy Reads

Buddy Reads are something I really enjoy.  For those who don't know how they work, two or more people decide they are going to read a book together and discuss it as they go.  Usually they set numbers of chapters (for example, intro through ch 4, chapters 5-8 etc...) and comment via email or groups or whatever they choose.  By making sure everyone knows the chapters they are discussing, it prevents most spoilers.

So why do I love them?  Because I can comment as I go along instead of either making notes to discuss later or not remembering what I wanted to discuss much later after the book is finished.  This esp. works well with mysteries as well because you have someone to guess killers, plot points whatever along the way.  It is much easier to say don't you think Ed is acting suspiciously when he does that -- WHILE you are reading it, than after a book is done saying well, I thought Ed was a suspect for a while because....  By THEN you already know who did it and why and maybe don't care as much about Ed's weird behavior. LOL

Plus I tend to find that there is MUCH more discussion with a buddy read than after a book is finished and people just make more general comments about it.  Like, I really liked Jane or it was a a satisfying read.  Not that those comments are bad, it is just (to me anyway) more fun to bounce ideas and share emotions with someone (or several people) along the way.

Now the problems with buddy reads mostly occur when different paced readers pair up and one zips through the book in a couple days and is on to another book while the other person is playing catch up.  Not too many great discussions that way.  But if the people involved can agree with the pace and just HAVE FUN with it, it can be a very great time.  And of course, you likely learn more about your partner(s) as you go, than in a big group discussion setting which is a nice bonus as well.

So for those who enjoy them, let me know if you want to give them a try sometime or pair up with a friend or two and try it yourself.  The nice thing is you don't have to be there in person, technology makes it easy.  Who knows, maybe I'll try one sometime with SKYPE.  Never know...

Pam - we need to do one again as well - it has been a long long time!


Movie Review - Jack The Giant Slayer

I was really looking forward to this one before it came out.  I thought it would be such fun.

But then I heard pretty bad reviews so I didn't go see it in the theater.  I don't always listen to reviews but, they were enough that I said, wait for cable to myself.

Turns out I am glad I did.  Not that it was BAD, it wasn't...  It just wasn't that great either.

Familiar tale, Jack ends up with magic beans in a trade gone wrong.  Bean ends up in ground and magic beanstalk grows.  This time instead of one giant, there is a land of giants in the clouds.

Then we get an extra fairy tale element:  A Princess to rescue, a brave knight (Ewan MacGregor) to lead the rescue and cute farmboy Jack to save the day.  A great traitor twist (Stanley Tucci)

Not to mention a great director - Bryan Singer.

The elements were there, but...

I didn't work.  It was very very slow and there was NO chemistry between Jack and the Princess.

What should have been a fun romp was a film with great visual effects, some wonderful performances and the rest not so much...


Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Library

Okay so I freely admit to being a little miffed at my library the other night. I dropped in with a lot of the books I had checked out and found to my surprise I had a 24.00 fine. The library used to send out notices in the mail. Then they would call you to remind you that you had to return books by such and such date. Now day apparently all of that is by the way side of modern things.

You see I have a teacher card so I get to keep mine for one month at a time. Reminders are nice because for me more often than not the card in the back of the book means nothing since a lot of the time they forget and give me the two week card. Like previously stated I was a little miffed. However since I used to work there I reminded myself that the library is free to everyone. That our little library offers a lot of services and after all my payment may have helped them buy a new book. So then let's fast forward three days.....

Saturday I rounded up all the rest of the books I wanted to take back to them. Mostly to ensure that I wouldn't have anymore fines (some of them weren't overdue on Thursday), however one was due on Monday and I knew I wouldn't have time to finish it. I walk into the library and turned the books in at the front desk. Scanned a few shelves picked out a book to checkout and walked around WELL low and behold one of my books I had written some years back was displayed proudly for everyone to see. It seems this is Kansas Authors Month and my book made the cut!

Really 24.00 isn't so much to pay for such awesome service. (LOL) however I have to add nobody contacted me to let me know my book was being displayed. It didn't matter I took a picture with my camera phone. This does seem like my writing year! Not to mention all is definitely forgiven about whatever that fine was....Heehee and it was the best surprise I had in 2014.
It's Monday let the writing flow, let the page turn and I vow no more petty thoughts about my library. I think I got spoiled because the Blue Springs Library sends an email/paper notices when their patrons have books due or about to be due.  Ah forgive me I didn't mean to be a diva!!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Guest Blogger- Sarah J. Pepper

Dark Fantasy & Romance: my forte.  

Why write this genre? I’ve been asked this question many times, most loudly and repeatedly by my mother. (after she read my first novel, which was an adult yum yum, Hot Tamale, read between the bed sheets kind of novel) “Sarah, what will people think?” she’d ask after finishing chapter 44, a ridiculous “stick your head in the freezer to cool down” chapter. My response? People will think my husband should write an American Kama Sutra. …she didn’t like the joke.

But, the truth is that I’ve always been writing love stories, even as a child. Any book I’ve ever read or movie I’ve seen, my imagination gets the best of me and goes then what? So did Cinderella find some new boss shoes to replace her glass ones? What happened to Prince Charming? What happened to the Little Mermaid? Did she love her life above sea or did she fall head over fin for a manlier mermaid? Did little Red Riding Hood find some new pet wolves? (or in my adult years: did Hood fall in love with a werewolf?) I think it’s a desperate cry for help, my imagination. But, I hate having a story end! Not only that, but I love when people fall in love (and out, but only for added drama).

Romance and all things fantasy will be the genre in which I write because my imagination will allow nothing else. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Death of the Mad Hatter by Sarah J Pepper

"He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it sweetly, like we were on a romantic date instead of standing in a pool of blood."

Wonderland is a place where the impossible isn't always, where truth is strange.  Alice Mae Liddell has made a deal with the Queen of Hearts involving the Heir and trying to survive a deadly prophecy.  Only as she manipulates Ryley, she learns that love and hate are two very close things.

I am a sucker for prophecy stories.  I love to see how the author pulls the clues together and weaves the turns so that it all fits but not in the way you expect.  Sarah J. Pepper does a wonderful job of this.  Wonderland and its residents have that blend of madness and impossibility I expected when I started the story and blending in the regular world and a normal boy who has no idea what he is in for when he meets Alice Mae, gives a refreshing take to the familiar story.

They must stop The Red Queen's Reign of Terror and fulfill the prophecy.  The way it plays out and unfolds kept me turning pages and gave me a dark, fantastic journey with a lot of fun mixed in.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Terri's top 2013 reads

In no particular order:

  • Homer & Langley - EL Doctorow
  • Death of a Neighborhood Witch - Laura Levine
  • Head to Head - Linda Ladd
  • Section 132 - Helga Zeiner
  • Body Count - PD Martin
  • The Cure - Athol Dickson
  • Dog On It - Spencer Quinn
  • Dead is So Last Year - Marlene Perez
  • Copycat - Erica Spindler
  • Sorrows - Donna Fernstrom
  • Doctor Who Episode-by-Episode (Years 1-3) - Ray Dexter
  • The Hollow City - Dan Wells

Monday, January 6, 2014

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

2013 . . .

Wasn't as ghastly a year as 2012. That’s maybe not a ringing endorsement, but I had three surgeries in 2012 and was half-blind for most of it, so when looked at in that light, 2013 was actually kind of all right, you know?

The best thing to happen all year was a week at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which I spent with my grandson, his wife, and their two children, Kasumi and Andrew who, as you can see for yourself, are beautiful, brilliant children. Fun!

It was also a year in which I invested a whole bunch of myself and my money in what I laughingly call my writing career. For one thing, I went with a new publisher (ePW – and if you want to see what they do, click on the link), which repackaged, branded and republished the first six of my Daisy Gumm Majesty books as e-books. I think (although it's too early to tell) that they're actually going to make money! What a lovely departure that will be. You can see ’em here (and I’ve thoughtfully provided a link should you wish to purchase one, or even all, of them):

2013 was also a year in which a bunch of my own personal books narrated and turned into audiobooks! This is quite a thrill for me, since I have such killer arthritis, it’s difficult for me to hold books any longer. You can see the ones that have been done to date here (and I’ve cleverly included links to in case you have a sudden, burning urge to by one of them):

There are more audiobooks to come, what’s more. Here’s the cover for the next one that will be published, PECOS VALLEY REVIVAL, the narrator of which, Heather Thompson, sounds precisely like Annabelle Blue should sound, which is a Very Good Thing:

Other than those things, life has proceeded pretty much the way it always does. Too many dogs, not enough money, constant pain (and this, in spite of the agonizing back operation I had in September of 2012). Guess I just ruined my bod during all those years of dancing and aerobicizing. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting old if it didn’t hurt so much.

On the doggie front, I lost one dog, gained two, and fostered a whole bunch of them. I’m sticking to fostering small dachshunds from now on, due the aforementioned pain issue. It’s always a true thrill when a foster child gets adopted into a happy forever home.

So, what the heck. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

A Full Week

A Full Week:

Welcome to the first full week of the new Year. I hope the weather hasn't stretched your patience. Luckily I got went out before the weather turned ugly so I am good for a couple of days.

Today I have bread rising to bake later. it is a meatloaf night and I will add fruit and veggies to round out our supper. I forgot to buy eggs and Kleenex at the store so either tomorrow or Wednesday another trip will have to be made to the store.

I thought I was going to be a bit more busy today than I think I will be. I already have a lot of the chores done. Now I just need to plant myself in the chair and spend a few hour writing at the computer that is not hooked up to the internet. So much more writing by me is done this way.

I find if I reward myself with stitching, reading and or a movie then that is my motivation to stay put long enough to write.
Lately I seem to have reached the point where I take a nap either in the morning or afternoon?

Do you take naps? I am starting this morning's blog a little slow and sluggish on topic but rest assured more interesting topics will follow this month.

Okay everyone stay safe, warm and tell us what books, movies or fun things you did over the weekend? I cross stitched yesterday. Watched the new season of Downtown Abbey last night. Then I read and read which meant I stayed up way too late.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! And books, goals, reading in general, reviewing....

The one thing I love about New Year's is that it is a symbolic fresh start.  How we take advantage of that varies greatly by individual.  I love reading people's goals and resolutions though any I make are suggestions at best. 

One of the things I find most fascinating when reading goals (particularly people's reading goals) is how specific they sometimes are.  Not just number of books, but page goals, series goals, specific books, all nice and spelled out.  Since I am a mood reader, that never works for me! LOL  I barely know what I will be reading on a given day and it is subject to change as well.  The goal lists are particularly interesting on Goodreads.  I LOVE goodreads.  Many others obviously do too.  I did set my main book number goal of 150 for 2014, but that is it.  And I do have general goals like reading more of JD Robb's books this year or more of Stephanie Plum series.  But I don't like getting too specific.  One of the things I don't get at all is the challenges.  I love doing challenges.  it can inspire me to read certain books or squeeze more in or whatnot.  But that said, what amazes me is when a challenge is posted, and someone lists all the books they are GOING to read for it and then checks them off as they go.  Very organized and inspiring but something I could NEVER do. :)  It is more like I read something then see if it can fit the challenges.  But then, our differences are what make us interesting.

What I do want to do though, is be better about posting reviews here.  I always post something when I read a book on Goodreads.  Sometimes just a few lines.  The longer reviews I am more likely to post here.  I want to get better about doing both.

For instance I did read a book yesterday and here it is:

A group of patients show up for their group therapy session on a stormy Manhattan night to find their therapist murdered.

Some nice twists and turns but overall, pretty slow and predictable. This is actually a play and doesn't read very well as such.  But I think it would be a lot more fun and humorous as an actual production.


So that's the start to the year and I hope everyone is starting off good.


Pamela's Dec 2013 reads

I didn't read many in December but what I read was of great quality.


1. Death By Surprise by Carolyn Hart

2. Read and Buried by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

3. 13 Clues For Miss Marple by Agatha Christie

4. The Green Mill Murder by Kerry Greenwood

5. Remnants Of Murder by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

6. The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie.


Current Reads: The Battered Body by J.B. Stanley and The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Gilbraith (aka JK Rowlings).


I am not going to rate the books because they were ALL good reads. I will say my favorite book of the month is 13 Clues For Miss Marple which is a collection of Miss Marple short stories. I liked this because I could read a short story in one night. Then start another the next day and since December is a busy month it worked for me.




Review: Blotto, Twinks and the Intimate Review by Simon Brett

Blotto and his friend go see  Light and Frothy;   a new popular show and his friend falls for the star of the show.  After his friend is k...