Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surviving the Weather

Today I am checking in and hoping everyone is surviving their weather conditions this week. We are cold but it's at least sunny today. A month or so ago we asked everyone what they would like to see more of on our blog. The overwhelming consensus is that you wanted to know about Terri's and mine's everyday world.

Today I will tell you that I have put out a loaf of frozen white bread to let rise. Made some chili and I find myself missing my mother.  I did some reading and then watched Downton Abbey from last Sunday. I have went over some plot points and the laundry is almost finished.
I didn't write today because I haven't slept well in a few nights and the next part is a rather crucial part of the chapter. I decided to let it ride until in the morning. Much like coffee parts of my mind has to brew. However, not to waste my writing day I went over plot points and gave myself a moment of clarity. I also made notes about a scene that will happen later in the book.
Then I pondered that I might write a young adult mystery (much like Nancy Drew) but not at all like Nancy Drew. If you're a writer or reader of many mysteries you will automatically get what I am saying to all others who read our blog.
"Basically I am saying that Nancy Drew Mysteries have already been written but if you like those mysteries you will probably like mine. Mine would be a protag who is sixteen but the setting will take place in the 1920's possibly 1930's at a bookstore that her father owns. From there I only have vague ideas.

Next today came a few text from a friend complete with fun pictures. We often compare what we read, watch and wear. Oh I also tried to rematch my earrings, find backs to them and read the pages of my book outloud.

So far all else has been rather ordinary such has a walk to the mail box. Nothing fun for today in the mailbox.  I did dishes and made the to-do list for tomorrow. I really dislike hump day although the camel makes it somewhat fun. LOL
This evening after supper I will cross stitch. Check email and oh yes I check facebook a couple of times today. I also answered a few emails.
That is it for now as I am just checking in with everyone.

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