Thursday, May 31, 2012

Murder Victims

Murder Victims:

Who do you think makes a good murder victim? Is it the blackmailer, the stalker or someone who is just so obnoxious you want to just shut them up for good? For me I think it's the character who tries to entice other people into their drama and then acts innocent when everything goes down.

Next question is easier what is your favorite way to read somebody Done-in? I like the poisons and teh unique weapon murders?

Any thoughts on unique weapons?

Next is location location location...I like the locked room mysteries a lot so of course I think country homes are good but lately I also think maybe vacation homes and I love bodies in the local library or at the laundry mat etc...what is your location? Oh and I also love the cruise ship bodies because it's almost as good as a locked room mystery.

Okay that is all for today. Over and out...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Ready, Scrap, Shoot

Ready, Scrap, Shoot by Joanna Campbell Slan is the fifth book in the “Kiki Lowenstien Scrap-N-Craft” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, April 2012

With bills piling up and a brassy new partner at her scrapbooking shop, the last thing Kiki Lowenstein needs is a surprise visit from her browbeating mother. But when shots fired into the crowd narrowly miss Kiki at her daughter’s May Day pageant, it’s another mother—St. Louis’s wealthiest matriarch—who winds up dead. While creating a memorial album for the murdered beer heiress, Kiki becomes bait in a dangerous trap as threats from her old foe mount against her. With help from friends in high and low places, including hunky beau Chad Detweiler, Kiki finds herself facing a grave ultimatum: catch the killer or be cropped out of her own family album.

I knew when I started reading this book that I would be on a ride that I did not want to get off. When a shooting occurs at Anya’s school’s May Day celebration and one woman dies, the question being asked is “was she the intended victim or was it Kiki?” which puts Kiki on guard to protect the ones she loves. WOW…this book is awesome. Not only do we have Kiki dodging an enemy or two or three, but she’s also dealing with the plight of her elderly parent, which was the sub-theme in this character-driven mystery. This heart-stomping, adrenaline-pumping mystery grabbed me immediately from the first page to the dramatic conclusion. This is absolutely the best book yet in this wonderfully charming series and I am so looking forward to the next book in this delightfully charged series. The best part about this series is that you don’t have to be a scrapbooker to enjoy this series.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movie Review: One For The Money


I took the time to watch this movie yesterday afternoon. Truth be told I wasn't expecting much but wanted to send it back to Netflix today.

I tell you it's one of the best movies I have seen this year. You are not wasting your time by watching the movie. I didn't take notes so do not remember all the names of ther actors but I do remember Katherine Heigel play Stephanie Plum and her two side kicks ranger and Morelli were very good at what they did.

Honestly I laughed a lot and enjoy the movie to the point that I hope there is another movie soon.

It's based on the first book in the series and Stephanie is now divorced, has no job, four dollars in the bank and while at Sunday dinner with her family they repoed her car.

Her first case revolves around Morelli and she isn't sure if he is innocent or not so innocent period. She had to go to her cousin for the job and actually just kinda fell into the bounty hunter job as she thought she was applying for something else.

It's all fun until you get shot at adn shot? LOL What a fun movie.


Review: Buried in Buttercream

Buried in Buttercream by G. A. McKevett is the 17th book in the “Savannah Reid” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, March 2012

After a recent brush with death, plus-sized P.I. and bride-to-be Savannah Reid has decided to stop sweating the small stuff. But when an event planner comes in to arrange her wedding, Savannah discovers that murder can ruin even the best laid plans.    Hailed as the wedding planner to the stars, Madeline Aberson has orchestrated some of the most exclusive soirees in Hollywood. But when Madeline becomes embroiled in a nasty divorce, her life falls apart, and rumors swirl that her parties have become total duds. Desperate for work, Madeline finds herself planning far less glamorous affairs, including none other than Savannah Reid’s wedding to Dirk Coulter.    It doesn’t take long for the opinionated Madeline to get on Savannah’s last nerve, and when the big day finally arrives, Savannah can’t wait to send Madeline packing. But when the bride finds Madeline’s body face down in the pool, floating among an elegant array of rose petals, it’s clear that someone has already hastened the diva’s departure. For better or for worse Savannah and Dirk put their wedding on hold, vowing instead to find out who killed Madeline and why.

All Dirk and Savannah wanted to do was get married, but multiple interruptions interfered with their wedded bliss. Capturing an arsonist would prove to be easy but finding the person who murdered their wedding planner took us on an outing of pure delight. What a fun ride that I did not want to get off. The adventures, the laughter, the worries, the camaraderie and the search for a killer kept me guessing in this exciting and amusing whodunit. A great cast including the eccentric and quirky Reid family and witty and at times hilarious dialogue made this one of the best book in this wonderfully charming and entertaining series.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Due or Die

Due Or Die by Jenn McKinlay is the second book in the “Library Lover’s” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, March 2012

Carrie Rushton, the President of the Friends of the Library, has been accused of murdering her husband. The evidence is stacking up against Carrie, but neither Lindsey nor the Briar Creek crafternoon club is buying it. When a nor’easter buries the small coastal town, the police are too busy digging out the locals to investigate the murder. With the help of her crafternoon friends and an abandoned puppy they name Heathcliff, Lindsey has to solve the question of who murdered Mr. Rushton before the killer closes the book on Carrie.

I love this series. Knowing that her friend is incapable of murdering her husband, Lindsey starts an investigation into who really wanted this man dead. I really enjoy a mystery that keeps me guessing and first when the killer is revealed and then the motive, I’m like wow…that I didn’t see coming and that is what this delightful book did in taking me on a wonderful journey that I could not put down. The mystery was great, but what I most adore is the relationship and interaction Lindsey has with her friends that brings this character-driven tale to life. This was a fabulously charming read and I can’t wait for the third book in this entertaining series.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today I am wondering about how much you know about your heritage and your family's past? I know quite a bit about my both sides (to a point) and then it drops off. I love the show "Who do you think you are" I think this is the title and it comes on Friday evenings. This week will feature Paula Deen.

Anyway what is your heritage? As for me I am on my mother's side polish and english. On my father's side Italian and that is one of the reasons I would love to go to Italy some day.



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Sketch a Falling Star

Sketch a Falling Star by Sharon Pape is the third book in the “Portrait of Crime” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, March 2012

When the “Way Off Broadway Players” get swept up in a flash flood while sightseeing in Arizona, Rory McCain’s aunt Helene and her fellow amateur thespians survive—with the exception of Preston Wright. The victim was actually a womanizing scam-artist who duped nearly everyone in the troupe, as well as an ex-con who operated under various aliases. While Preston’s death was deemed to be an “act of nature,” Rory can’t discount the possibility that human nature may have contributed to his drowning.  But even as she investigates the cast of characters to find out which one played the villain, Rory is finally on the verge of solving a cold case — the murder of her ghost partner, Zeke.

I love Eloise who finds herself entrenched in Rory’s case without even knowing it. The interplay between Eloise, Rory and Zeke is delightful to watch. In this case, a member of Rory’s Aunt Helene’s acting troupe is accidently killed in a flash flood, or was he? That’s what Rory is seeking the answers and the closer she gets to the finale, danger lurks in the wings. This lighthearted mystery quickly became a page-turner, as I had to know what happens next. What follows are amusing antics as Rory, Zeke and even Hobo learn to live with one another while partnering in their private investigation company. This was a very good read and the best one yet in the fabulously attractive series and I look forward to more adventures with Rory and the gang.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Finger Lickin' Dead


Author: Riley Adams

Paperback: Berkley Prime crime

page count: 257

ISBN: 978-0-425-24191-2

Culinary Mystery Series

Lulu Taylor knows a thing about barbeque and her restaurant has stood the test of time. However when an anonymous food critic starts handing out unfair reviews to more than one Memphis restaurant Lulu gets a bad feeling. Unlike cornbread and cobbler murder is not supposed to be a side dish at Aunt Pat's Restaurant. Sure enough murder is all anyone can talk about at Aunt Pat's and this must stop.

Lulu takes off her apron and dones her sluething cap with a little help from her grandaughter they set out to uncove clues and take on crime.

Eppie Currian, does not exsist because it turns out that is just a cover name for Evelyn's boyfriend and not only is relationship with Evelyn sliced a little thin because he's cheating on Evelyn but more than a few people are unhappy with his reviews.

Soon enough there are ex-wives, former restaurant owners, ex-boyfriends and chefs seeing red but that doesn't begin to cover the suspect list when Adam Cawthorn is found dead in the by Lulu's grandaughters but this also might be a political hot bed of crime.

This is a close to home murder that only a little jazz, a lot of sleuthing and only Lulu can put murder on the menu to rest.

I loved FINGER LICKIN' DEAD and I hated to see it end. However there are recipes to try but wait until after you read the book to try them.

I give this one a 10 out 0f 10 stars.



Mugs & Teacups

Good Morning Bloggers,

I've been thinking about coffee mugs and teacups this morning. This led to thinking about travel mugs and plastic glasses. I've been thinking that it would be neat of someone created some mystery and romance travel mugs sorta like the paintings in the Carolyn Hart Mysteries or Annie's mugs with the title of books on the coffee mugs.

My thoughts are to have pictures of characters and authors on the plastic glasses and travel mugs. Also author quotes on coffee mugs and murder weapons on teacups.

If you feel like having iced tea with Elaine Viets you can and if you feel like having orange juice with Agatha Christie you can... etc..

I know probably a silly idea but the more I think if you want to see an author's mug all you would have to do is grab the mug...or glass with her pictures.


Funny how these things pop into a persons head and won't let go but it would be awesome to have a whole collection of glasses and mugs like this not to mention teacups.

This morning I was in a deadly dagger kind of mood and I wasn't mad but there are some beautiful daggers out in the world and I had thought a jeweled handled dagger could inspire all sorts of bloody ideas.

What about coffee titled after only something that mystery authors and readers would love. Maybe Cinnamon Spice would just have "Poison" on the can with skull and cross bones. Or Mocha could be titled "Murder Brew" come up with your own but I think it would be great if someone could produce more products for fun.....

Romance could have fun with this too as well as Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Okay these are my thoughts for the day and actually some may go in the book I'm writing.



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Death Comes Silently

Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Hart is the 22nd book in the “Death on Demand” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley, April 2012

Winter has arrived in Broward’s Rock, South Carolina, and business has slowed for Annie Darling, owner of mystery bookstore Death on Demand. So when the island’s resident writer publishes the latest in her popular mystery series, Annie jumps at the chance to host a book signing, even though it conflicts with her shift at the local charity shop, Better Tomorrow. Luckily, fellow volunteer Gretchen Burkholt agrees to sub for her. The signing goes well, but Gretchen interrupts the event multiple times, leaving voice mails about scandalous news she’s dying to share. Even though Gretchen tends to be excitable, Annie heads over to Better Tomorrow, where she finds Gretchen dead on the floor, an axe by her side.  Annie enlists the help of her husband, Max, to piece together a puzzle involving an overturned kayak, a stolen motorboat, a troubled love affair, and a reckless teenager. And she must tread carefully in her investigation, because a killer is on the loose, and that killer works well in the foggy days of winter…

What a great read. After repeated phone calls from a volunteer about being afraid, Annie goes over to the charity shop and discovers the volunteer’s body…murdered. An axe points to a suspect who declares his innocence. With Henny, Annie and Max on the case, there is no escape for this killer. The action started immediately in this well-scripted mystery that I could not put this book down. The mystery kept me guessing and on my toes as I navigated the clues and was caught unawares when the killer was identified. I love the comfortable tone, the small town atmosphere and the lovable yet eccentric cast of characters that are a delight with my annual visit to Broward Rock. I look forward to the next exciting adventures that awaits the Darlings and their friends in this charming and terrific series.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

The Joys and Travails of April

Springtime in New Mexico, unlike springtime in other, more civilized parts of the world, is windy. Really, really, really windy, complete with dust storms and accompanying ickiness. Heck, I even wrote a book about the wind once (Cooking Up Trouble, available for a miserly $2.99 on Kindle and Smashwords). As we’re in the second year of a ghastly drought, this April’s winds have been particularly heinous. Parts of the state have also been overrun with moths. Go figure. If I were a moth, I wouldn’t want to live in a dry, windy state like ours. Heck, I’m a human, and I don’t much want to live here. Ah, well.

The month did bring a bit of magic, however, beginning with the simply smashing e-book cover for the third of my Mercy Allcutt books, Fallen Angels. Mercy Allcutt is a rebellious Boston Brahmin, who has come to the wicked city of Los Angeles, where her sister Chloe lives with her wealthy movie-mogul husband. Mercy has secured a job (gasps of horror echo from her mother in Boston) as secretary to private investigator, Ernie Templeton. In this outing, one Persephone Chalmers is foully done to death, and Ernie ends up the prime suspect. Mercy isn’t about to let Ernie burn (California used the electric chair in 1926, when the book is set) so she investigates on her own. Her investigations lead her many places, including the Angelica Gospel Hall, run by the charismatic Adelaide Burkhard Emmanuel. I shamelessly borrowed both the Hall and Sister Emmanuel from the Foursquare Church of God founded by Aimee Semple McPherson, in case anyone cares. Here’s the cover, created by the multi-talented Melissa Alvarez (

And then Bella the Pekinese came into my life. Of course, she never would have except that I’d been fretting about finding a suitable outfit to wear to my daughter Robin’s wedding in June. Trust me when I tell you Roswell, New Mexico, isn’t a shopping Mecca. Heck, it isn’t even a Meccette. Therefore, when I got word that a four-month-old Pekinese puppy needed to be picked up in Artesia (approximately 45 miles southish from Roswell) and then driven to Santa Fe (approximately 200 miles northish from Roswell), I thought to myself, “Santa Fe! They actually have stores in Santa Fe!”

So I picked up Bella in Artesia and took her to my house in Roswell. I worried that Giblett, my bully wiener dog, would try to murder her. Needn’t have spared the matter a thought. I guess Pekinese used to be guard dogs in Chinese temples, and Bella clearly takes her background seriously, because when Giblett growled at her, she took off after him, screaming doggie obscenities (I was shocked a dog her age knew so many of them), and scared him into my office and into his crate, from which he didn’t emerge for a full hour. When he did come out again, he tried to recoup his dignity, but Bella would have none of it, and they hollered at each other for what seemed like hours and hours. And hours. Lord. Bella had my entire herd trembling in its boots—or she would have, if they’d been wearing boots.

Anyhow, as much as I love Bella because she’s sweet and cuddly and as adorable as a puppy can be (except when faced with a Giblett), I wasn’t sorry when I loaded her in my car the following morning and drove the 200 miles to Santa Fe, where I dropped her off in the wonderful care of Marguerite Wood, who operates Santa Fe Small Dog Rescue. According to Marguerite when I checked on the 25th of March, Bella is doing extremely well, gets along fine with the other dogs in her care (none of whom are bullies like Giblett) and will eventually be placed in an excellent home.

What’s more, I actually found an outfit to wear to Robin’s wedding in Santa Fe! Mind you, since my spine had squashed three whole inches from my frame, I’m not shaped like I used to be, and it’s difficult to find clothes that fit right, but I think this outfit will work. I’m not going to show it on this blog, because I loathe having my picture taken, but it’s pretty.

Whew! Overall, except for the weather and a few doggie growling matches, I do believe April contained more magic than mayhem, which makes for a pretty darned

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Mix-up in Miniature

Mix-up In Miniature by Margaret Grace is the sixth book in the “Miniature” mystery series. Publisher: Perseverance Press, April 2012

Geraldine Porter is thrilled to meet bestselling author and miniatures enthusiast Varena Young. The celebrity seems to seek friendship with Gerry and her crafts group, and makes a generous offer of a house from her collection for a library fund-raiser. But Young is suddenly murdered, and Gerry is left to investigate the crime. She and her eleven-year-old granddaughter Maddie delve for information on Young’s mysterious past, and they find a clue to her murder in a secret room…of a dollhouse.

When Gerry visits famed miniaturist and novelist Varena Young, she delights in being offered one of her miniature homes for a library fundraiser, which is later marred when Varena is found dead. While suspicions falls to Verna’s young protégé, Verna’s daughter seeks Gerry help in solving this murder. This was a fun read that I could not put down. This well-crafted mystery boasts a lovable cast and great conversations in this tale of betrayal and secrets. The loving relationship between Maddie and her grandmother continues to delight me as they look for clues in this puzzling case. This was very enjoyable and I hope to see more of Gerry and Maddie in this wonderfully charming series.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: White Elephant Dead



(A Death On Demand Mystery)

Page count: 298


ISBN: 0-380-79325-3

It's time for the White Elephant Sale and Kathryn Girard is found murdered in her van. She uses the van for picking up the items for the white elephant sale. This time there were four families on her list and Henny Brawley is accused of murder. Henny is also a victim as whoever actually did kill Kathryn left Henny for dead.

Max and Annie investigate and as they follow the path of a killer they realize that perfect marraiges and families may not always exclude murder.

Soon secrets come to light and others may die if someone doesn't spill the dirt on what they know.

WHITE ELEPHANT DEAD by Carolyn Hart is a whodunit that is witty and each page you turn will put you a step closer to whodunit.


Review: Deadly Solution by Keenan Powell

Maeve Malloy is a lawyer who has had struggles with drinking, done a stint in rehab and trying to prove herself again as a lawyer.  She is...