Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: Permanently Deleted by Amy E Lilly

Phee Jefferson is a small town librarian and her friend Nellie's husband is drowned in his pickle factory.  Worried that Nellie will be arrested, she and her sister set out to solve the crime.  Then Nellie disappears and things become ever more urgent.

I like Phee a lot.  She has a soft spot for animals - adopting a stray dog early in the book.  She is smart and determined and standing her guns with deputy Clint who she is dating and refuses to make a commitment.  Her sister on the other hand, I found a bit annoying.  She was determined to get involved immediately and often pushed reckless behavior.  She was great comic relief but in a bit predictable way.  

It is hard in cozies to not be too formulaic.  I found it slipping into those a bit in this book and my biggest frustration was the attitude that the investigation was a fun game.  Murder is a serious business even in cozies - or it should be.

That said, this book was quite funny, though the colloquialisms were a bit heavy handed at times.  I read some reviews where that seemed to be a negative for some people, and I can see why as it seemed a bit too much.

I did however, really enjoy the ride and will read others in the series.


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