Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pam's Library Trip

Good Morning Readers, authors, friends and family,

I am a reader who uses my library quite often and they are pretty resourceful. Yesterday I received a notice that a library book was almost due in a few days. Knowing that the rainy season is upon us and my is under the weather I decided to have my husband drive me up there in his truck yesterday evening. I returned said book in plenty of time with no fine.

Now it was mentioned to me they had some new books in and sure enough they did so my trip consisted of checking these books out and I will let you know which how I like them.

1. the REBELLION of MISS LUCY ANN LOBDELL by WILLIAM KLABER while this book is penned under fiction it is my understanding that she is a person who made remarkable strides in her time. This the author's accounting and fiction story of a very real woman. So I couldn't resist bringing it home in large type hardback.

2. I brought home MRS. JEFFRIES AND THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY by  EMILY BRIGHTWELL this one is in paperback. I
always enjoy historical fiction and this series is a comfort series for me to read on dark and stormy days.

3. Lastly I come to The GHOST and MRS. MEWER by KRISTA DAVIS this one is a pet friendly getaway taking place in Wagtail, Virginia and it during a Halloween theme
but premise is that a TV series in development, APPARITION APPREHENDERS are at Wagtail to investigate supernatural local legends. It's a ghosts hunters dream and a pet friendly good time until a real murder happens.

So this was my library trip and I left a couple of new books for others. :) I already had a book Terri sent me to read and some homework to do over another book that Nancy Cohen wrote about writing cozy books. So I am set for this and maybe longer if I get any books in to review. I love reviewing mysteries.

Anyway have a great reading week.

Keep it cozy,


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