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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mugs & Teacups

Good Morning Bloggers,

I've been thinking about coffee mugs and teacups this morning. This led to thinking about travel mugs and plastic glasses. I've been thinking that it would be neat of someone created some mystery and romance travel mugs sorta like the paintings in the Carolyn Hart Mysteries or Annie's mugs with the title of books on the coffee mugs.

My thoughts are to have pictures of characters and authors on the plastic glasses and travel mugs. Also author quotes on coffee mugs and murder weapons on teacups.

If you feel like having iced tea with Elaine Viets you can and if you feel like having orange juice with Agatha Christie you can... etc..

I know probably a silly idea but the more I think if you want to see an author's mug all you would have to do is grab the mug...or glass with her pictures.


Funny how these things pop into a persons head and won't let go but it would be awesome to have a whole collection of glasses and mugs like this not to mention teacups.

This morning I was in a deadly dagger kind of mood and I wasn't mad but there are some beautiful daggers out in the world and I had thought a jeweled handled dagger could inspire all sorts of bloody ideas.

What about coffee titled after only something that mystery authors and readers would love. Maybe Cinnamon Spice would just have "Poison" on the can with skull and cross bones. Or Mocha could be titled "Murder Brew" etc...you come up with your own but I think it would be great if someone could produce more products for fun.....

Romance could have fun with this too as well as Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Okay these are my thoughts for the day and actually some may go in the book I'm writing.



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