Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Finger Lickin' Dead


Author: Riley Adams

Paperback: Berkley Prime crime

page count: 257

ISBN: 978-0-425-24191-2

Culinary Mystery Series

Lulu Taylor knows a thing about barbeque and her restaurant has stood the test of time. However when an anonymous food critic starts handing out unfair reviews to more than one Memphis restaurant Lulu gets a bad feeling. Unlike cornbread and cobbler murder is not supposed to be a side dish at Aunt Pat's Restaurant. Sure enough murder is all anyone can talk about at Aunt Pat's and this must stop.

Lulu takes off her apron and dones her sluething cap with a little help from her grandaughter they set out to uncove clues and take on crime.

Eppie Currian, does not exsist because it turns out that is just a cover name for Evelyn's boyfriend and not only is relationship with Evelyn sliced a little thin because he's cheating on Evelyn but more than a few people are unhappy with his reviews.

Soon enough there are ex-wives, former restaurant owners, ex-boyfriends and chefs seeing red but that doesn't begin to cover the suspect list when Adam Cawthorn is found dead in the by Lulu's grandaughters but this also might be a political hot bed of crime.

This is a close to home murder that only a little jazz, a lot of sleuthing and only Lulu can put murder on the menu to rest.

I loved FINGER LICKIN' DEAD and I hated to see it end. However there are recipes to try but wait until after you read the book to try them.

I give this one a 10 out 0f 10 stars.



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