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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Murder Victims

Murder Victims:

Who do you think makes a good murder victim? Is it the blackmailer, the stalker or someone who is just so obnoxious you want to just shut them up for good? For me I think it's the character who tries to entice other people into their drama and then acts innocent when everything goes down.

Next question is easier what is your favorite way to read somebody Done-in? I like the poisons and teh unique weapon murders?

Any thoughts on unique weapons?

Next is location location location...I like the locked room mysteries a lot so of course I think country homes are good but lately I also think maybe vacation homes and I love bodies in the local library or at the laundry mat etc...what is your location? Oh and I also love the cruise ship bodies because it's almost as good as a locked room mystery.

Okay that is all for today. Over and out...


1 comment:

  1. Mean people. cruel or miserly people. People who intentionally hurt others. Self-righteous people. Not that such people generally deserve DEATH - but if someone's got to go....

    I don't mind unusual weapons if they are believeable. Would that weapon actually KILL a person is the question. Or be accessible? But for the cruel people, violent death seems appropriate.

    But sometimes for a good character driven story, I like the victim to be ordinary. Maybe in the wrong place at the wrong time or found out something they shouldn't. It makes me want to root for the sleuth more - because it is righteous to find the truth.

    Just some thoughts