Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Do you do to have fun?

Good Morning,

Okay my topic of the day. "What do you do to have fun?"

For me I love to go to antique shops, thrift shops, cross stitch stores and just browse. Much like I would do in a bookstore. The difference is sometimes I look at a dresser or lamp and try to imagine the people of the past that once owned the dresser or lamp. I can come up with a whole story in my head about the person who made the piece or the family who owned the piece. To me this is fun.

Another one of my fun filled passions is vintage clothing and who wore them or made them. We all know I have a passion for aprons.
I also love hats and handbags so when in those shops I have a lot of fun.
As you might well guess this also leads to museums.  Love, love and love going to museums. It opens my muse so to speak and I find myself enthralled with the past and paintings etc...

I also know walking is good for and if I just walk for the sake of walking I run out of steam. However if I am doing something like walking a museum I will not think about how far I have walked or for how long. I just enjoy and imagine.

I have yet to visit a quilt museum but it's on my list of things to see. I also want to visit a hand embroidery museum (if such a thing is out there and I am sure it is), of course I love going to cross stitch shops and browse.
In a cross stitch shop or a book shop/store I can't be counted on just to browse. I confess I am a weak woman. What I do look for in perusing the stores is what is new in patterns and fabric.  Again this turns my imagination loose an I always think..."What if."

Of course this leads to ideas for a mystery or a short story. For me this is how I have fun and probably combine work and fun.
What do you like to do that is fun for you?



  1. I enjoy browsing in the same sorts of places but I am way too weak, I am an impulse buyer so I limit my exposure. Museums on the other had, don't have that problem as much (Stay away from Gift shop). I do love history and art and interesting things so don't get tired of them

  2. I, personally, am neither a shopper or a browser! Lol! Besides spending time with my family, my idea of fun is simply cozying up with a book and a cup o'tea! Do I sound boring? If so, I am ok with it! Lol :D

  3. I love flea markets and wool festivals. I too cannot be relied upon to look, but not purchase which is why I plan my trips well in advance!!!

  4. NOT boring Ritaestelle! That is a lovely way to spend time

  5. Oh Ritaestelle, I don't travel much anymore so I can understand curling up with a good book. It's never boring when your mind takes a vacation. Terri I so understand skipping the gift shops!


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