Monday, January 6, 2014

A Full Week

A Full Week:

Welcome to the first full week of the new Year. I hope the weather hasn't stretched your patience. Luckily I got went out before the weather turned ugly so I am good for a couple of days.

Today I have bread rising to bake later. it is a meatloaf night and I will add fruit and veggies to round out our supper. I forgot to buy eggs and Kleenex at the store so either tomorrow or Wednesday another trip will have to be made to the store.

I thought I was going to be a bit more busy today than I think I will be. I already have a lot of the chores done. Now I just need to plant myself in the chair and spend a few hour writing at the computer that is not hooked up to the internet. So much more writing by me is done this way.

I find if I reward myself with stitching, reading and or a movie then that is my motivation to stay put long enough to write.
Lately I seem to have reached the point where I take a nap either in the morning or afternoon?

Do you take naps? I am starting this morning's blog a little slow and sluggish on topic but rest assured more interesting topics will follow this month.

Okay everyone stay safe, warm and tell us what books, movies or fun things you did over the weekend? I cross stitched yesterday. Watched the new season of Downtown Abbey last night. Then I read and read which meant I stayed up way too late.


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  1. Would love to take naps sometimes but work makes it impossible. Do treat myself on weekends sometimes.

    Re. Downton Abbey - I wanted to smack Mary so many times during this episode...


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