Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! And books, goals, reading in general, reviewing....

The one thing I love about New Year's is that it is a symbolic fresh start.  How we take advantage of that varies greatly by individual.  I love reading people's goals and resolutions though any I make are suggestions at best. 

One of the things I find most fascinating when reading goals (particularly people's reading goals) is how specific they sometimes are.  Not just number of books, but page goals, series goals, specific books, all nice and spelled out.  Since I am a mood reader, that never works for me! LOL  I barely know what I will be reading on a given day and it is subject to change as well.  The goal lists are particularly interesting on Goodreads.  I LOVE goodreads.  Many others obviously do too.  I did set my main book number goal of 150 for 2014, but that is it.  And I do have general goals like reading more of JD Robb's books this year or more of Stephanie Plum series.  But I don't like getting too specific.  One of the things I don't get at all is the challenges.  I love doing challenges.  it can inspire me to read certain books or squeeze more in or whatnot.  But that said, what amazes me is when a challenge is posted, and someone lists all the books they are GOING to read for it and then checks them off as they go.  Very organized and inspiring but something I could NEVER do. :)  It is more like I read something then see if it can fit the challenges.  But then, our differences are what make us interesting.

What I do want to do though, is be better about posting reviews here.  I always post something when I read a book on Goodreads.  Sometimes just a few lines.  The longer reviews I am more likely to post here.  I want to get better about doing both.

For instance I did read a book yesterday and here it is:

A group of patients show up for their group therapy session on a stormy Manhattan night to find their therapist murdered.

Some nice twists and turns but overall, pretty slow and predictable. This is actually a play and doesn't read very well as such.  But I think it would be a lot more fun and humorous as an actual production.


So that's the start to the year and I hope everyone is starting off good.


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