Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Library

Okay so I freely admit to being a little miffed at my library the other night. I dropped in with a lot of the books I had checked out and found to my surprise I had a 24.00 fine. The library used to send out notices in the mail. Then they would call you to remind you that you had to return books by such and such date. Now day apparently all of that is by the way side of modern things.

You see I have a teacher card so I get to keep mine for one month at a time. Reminders are nice because for me more often than not the card in the back of the book means nothing since a lot of the time they forget and give me the two week card. Like previously stated I was a little miffed. However since I used to work there I reminded myself that the library is free to everyone. That our little library offers a lot of services and after all my payment may have helped them buy a new book. So then let's fast forward three days.....

Saturday I rounded up all the rest of the books I wanted to take back to them. Mostly to ensure that I wouldn't have anymore fines (some of them weren't overdue on Thursday), however one was due on Monday and I knew I wouldn't have time to finish it. I walk into the library and turned the books in at the front desk. Scanned a few shelves picked out a book to checkout and walked around WELL low and behold one of my books I had written some years back was displayed proudly for everyone to see. It seems this is Kansas Authors Month and my book made the cut!

Really 24.00 isn't so much to pay for such awesome service. (LOL) however I have to add nobody contacted me to let me know my book was being displayed. It didn't matter I took a picture with my camera phone. This does seem like my writing year! Not to mention all is definitely forgiven about whatever that fine was....Heehee and it was the best surprise I had in 2014.
It's Monday let the writing flow, let the page turn and I vow no more petty thoughts about my library. I think I got spoiled because the Blue Springs Library sends an email/paper notices when their patrons have books due or about to be due.  Ah forgive me I didn't mean to be a diva!!!



  1. I'd say it's a decent trade off. LOL.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! MaryC

  3. Thank you everyone and these are the kind of surprises I love. LOL


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