Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Review: Rapture-Palooza






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The Rapture has occurred and the non-believers and left on Earth to face trials and tribulations and the AntiChrist! Kendrick and Daley (He is Sweets from Bones - a character I love!) are a young couple caught up in it all.  Dodging flaming rocks falling from the sky, avoiding Wraiths and driving in Blood rain are just part of the new-norm for them.  It is that attitude that makes this movie satisfyingly funny and irreverent.    When The AntiChrist decides he wants her to marry him and have his demon spawn, they come up with a way to kill the AntiChrist and then God gets involved leading to a perfect ending IMHO.  Not for everyone, esp. if you don't care for really silly movies and poking fun at religious themes.  But it IS all in good fun and a nice twist on the current dystopian/post-apocalyptic trends!


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