Friday, January 31, 2014

Are You Afraid to Live?


What are you afraid of and I do not mean spiders etc...I mean are you afraid to live your life to the fullest? What adventure would you like to do or go on? What holds you back from achieving your goals?

For me I think I was doing just fine in my first marriage. Before my first marriage and then something happened. It happened slowly over time but it happened. First when my first marriage ended, I took it as a failure and since by then motherhood was involved, I never felt I quite measured up.

Then I started not traveling as much, soon I turned a little more bitter and once again, less adventures.

Second marriage, my husband said he was a homebody, but actually he always is on the go and what that translated to was a wife he wanted to be home so he could do his thing and shine. Now, he was/is a great father and my children have no complaints.

But for me I realized that this started a thing for me. I was content to read about adventures and live vicariously thru my friends etc.....
Lately, I have been thinking about this and realized somewhere along the line I became afraid to live life to it's fullest. I became afraid of everything and everyone. BTW, this does not set a good example for your children. I will say my children love adventure and travel etc...BUT they really don't think I know anything or have lived before them! (LOL)
I am thinking that it wasn't that I became too comfortable as much as it was I became afraid.

Now, I am not going to examine all of this too closely, but instead I think maybe for me, baby steps is a good thing. So I am starting with a face to face cross stitch group that will meet others on a regular basis and from there I think I want to leap further. This may sound absurd but I really think once I take this baby step, other things will follow.

So are you living your life to the fullest?




  1. What a refreshingly honest posting! Go for it, Pam!!

    1. Thanks Ritaestelle and thank you for the support.


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