Monday, November 14, 2011

Kindle or Nook?


Okay so far we haven't mentioned kindles on our blog or any other ereaders etc...but today I am thinking about them so thought I would have everyone weigh in on this topic. Tell me what you have and why you chose yours? There are all types of these readers out there so I am curious about which suits you and why you wanted to buy the one you did? Are you still happy with it? Tell us about font and background? How many books have you read on the let's say for this blog Kindle? What was the first book you put on your reader? How long did it take you to learn your way around it?

That is today's topic and I hope you will tell me about yours so when the time comes I can make an informed decession.

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  1. I have a kindle mainly because I honestly didnt see the need for color which is th emain difference from the nook. And frankly I said it many times, I like Amazon's website a LOT better than B&Ns. So if I am searching for books, I would rather do it on a website I like.

    Dont remember the first book. Have read quite a few though I still and probably always will prefer paper books.

    And I DO email pdf books I have onto kindle as well - that works GREAT.

    It is easy to use. Their support is very quick and helpful. As for fonts, easy to change unless pdf - but that is not the readers fault. That is the type of file - you just CANT change it.


  2. I have a Nook, the original regular, pre-color version. It's very easy to use - especially since I don't really use it for anything accept downloading and reading books. The default font/background is very comfortable on the eyes so I haven't played with the other possibilities. My first download purchase was Maria Zannini's Apocalypse Rising - which was wonderful, by the way.

    I chose the Nook simply because I don't like how all-powerful Amazon is getting and I wanted to suport my regular bookstore.

  3. My first e-reader was the original nook and the reason I bought it was because I was able to touch it in the store. The first book I downloaded...Naked in Death by J.D. Robb.

    then I won a kindle. I love my kindle. The first book I downloaded on the kindle...Naked in Death by J.D. Robb.

    I had problems with with the nook so I got the Nook Color and what bothered me the most was the glare even though I had the glare protector sheet and the weight. So I gave it away.

    Because I had over 200 books at B&N, I bought the nook simple touch and I love it. It's lightweight and it is strictly a reader.

    I still have my kindle, but as a techno geek, I ordered the Kindle Touch.

    One of the things I like about the kindle is that they often have books available first before the book shows up on the nook. Then there are the kindle-only books that I want to read.

    So I use both e-readers interchangeably.


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