Monday, November 21, 2011

Our First Time?

Our first time:

I am curious so I thought I would ask the question: Aside from Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie and the same goes for Sherlock Holmes I am going to ask you what is the first cozy mystery you read?

I know that mine was DEATH ON DEMAND by Carolyn Hart and I was hooked. I never looked back and I can credit Carolyn with the fact that I became a mystery author. Her books inspired me and I have to say Phylis Whitney also inspired me as she wrote several articles and books on writing and I loved them so did Slyvia Barrack and this year I am going to go back reread these books., I remember the excitement I had with the thought of writing my first mystery. I remember the first blank page that combined terror and excitement.

There are not enough blogs to go into the writing detours my life had taken but those first years were so important and those first books were more important. I couldn't have though back before the Carolyn Hart days that I could write a book. I pretty much taught myself and some days this shows oh so clearly so I am not a real fan of self taught I do think that we all need some sort of formal training to cross the t's and dot the i's.

I do however believe in not squelching anyone's writing excitement the excitement and opening new worlds has to be there. It is common to fall on your face in any career ours just happens to have more people read about's okay to fall down the true test of your character and that of your characters is to get up again and write.

My problem these days seems to be lack of focus and finishing something but I think I am finally able to get past my past failures. (You didn't think you were the only one)? I do think I will probably try publishing with ebook and other avenues. Mostly because I am 54 and won't live forever like I though I would when I was 27, 37, 47 and well hopefully by the time I am 57 I will have a few things published. Did I mention a writing career comes with stars in your eyes? But don't quit your day job like I did. Leaving the library was a huge mistake I should have stuck it out and kept working because now I live in a vacuum and it's hard to be creative in a vacuum. I have more time to write but the connection to the human race is a must. I mean how do you write about characters when you are not among people? Well I'll tell you...

One way I do it and (shusssh don't tell my family and friends they think I'm crazy enough), I watch the Price Is Right every morning five days a week. I mean there are some real characters that get on that show. It's not only my gulity pleasure it's my gulity writing pleasure. I want Drew Carey to write a book about the characters on that show. They sometimes have theme shows and one of my favorites was when the wedding show aired there are SOME couples out there. LOL Also another show I think is good for studying characters is Harry's Law now that show has it all when it comes to character sketching just take a notebook and watch a few episodes. It's a great way to get will get writing idea and character idea one right after the other.

Now you probably want to know my one writing regret(I'm sure I heard somebody ask)....see I'm a little nuts. Okay a lot nuts but that is another blog...for another day.

My writing regret is that I didn't learn my history well enough and won't live long enough to write a believeable historical cozy mystery. I would love to write one set in the 40's and 50's as a matter of fact my heroine in the genre is Amanda Matetsky she KNOWS how to entertain us with humor and I so want to be able to do what she does but of course there is only one Amanda Matetsky, just like there is only one Carolyn Hart, Lorraine Barrett, Leann Sweeney, Rhys Bowen and I am crushed but there you have it. DO NOT try to copy another authors writing way way too many judges spend their days in court along with lawyers and authors because somebody got carried away by their favorite authors. Instead create your own style but enjoy your favorite authors books and learn from the books......See from Carolyn Hart's books I learned that I liked cats in mysteries and I loved bookstore mysteries, from Mary Daheim's books I learned that I really enjoy B&B Mysteries and I like Kooky characters with heart but a head for solving crime. With Amanda's books I learned that he main character in the right setting and the right background will make all the difference and the devil is in the details....

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  1. My first "modern" cozy was The Cat Who Could Read Backwards. I was hooked.


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