Thursday, November 3, 2011



I love a great fall scene and today I have chili in the crockpot because our leaves changed color (finally) and it's cold outside with a high of 48 today. I love a good book, chili and a great fall scene.

What is your favorite fall scene? Does the season find you reading more books as we become cooler and do more inside entertainment?

Do you have a favorite fall meal and do you ever reread a book or series?

Okay I am off to see what other mischief I can create. I might light a pumpkin candle...I have to write today so I don't want to do any baking that is longer than thirty minutes. So far the cooking channel hasn't come up with a thirty minute baking show but if they do I am there.

Happy Reading and good scents,



  1. Fires - I love fall with fires in pits, bonfires, in fireplaces...

    And those beautiful fall leaves, scattered around blanketing everything.

    But I am not fond of cold...


  2. I love the colors of the leaves...I saw a bit before the snow squashed them. The scent of wood smoke and cinnamon signal autumn for me and pumpkin scones are always welcome. LOL Now if I could only use my oven....

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