Monday, November 7, 2011

Books, Books, Books

Books Books Books:

So while Oklahoma was having earthquakes last weekend my husband was visiting our daughter and grandchildren. He stopped by half price books in Olathe and picked me up these gems.


DON'T DRINK THE WATER by Susan Rogers Cooper

THE BODY IN THE BONFIRE by Katherine Hall Page

DIPPED, STRIPPED and DEAD by Elise Hyatt

SCARED STIFF by Annelise Ryan all of them for 3.00 or under.....

I was surprised that he chose so many but every year I try (don't always succeed) to have some books for when I am snowed or iced in which of course can always happen from Oct thru April in Kansas.

Anyway I had sent him to search out some writing books but he never bought any of those...

Which is my topic today as in for our authors on this list and in cozyarmchair what writing books have helped ? My coblogger Terri sent me links to free writing books and I am going to be reading some of them. I will have to take breaks but that is okay and I am very thankful that these are free books.

I am going to leave us with a cozyarmchair thought for the day.

"Authors from cozyarmchair if you want an interview please email offlist so that I might schedule one with you. I haven't kept up on interviews but am ready to start interviewing our authors. If anyone else would like an interview such as our stitchers, other authors etc..please contact me. My email addy is

We are having storms move in today and all the way through Wednesday but Kansas so needs the rain!

Iam hoping to finish writing my short story by January first maybe post it on smashwords etc.....

We are deep into fall and I for one love the color changes on the trees with leaves that are left. Lost a lot of leaves in the past week.

In writing and reading


P.S. Any of our readers who would like to be interviewed please email me.

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