Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning,

Well it's November so it's time to winterize your reading list. I guess what I meant to ask is...."Do you stock pile mysteries/books so that if there is a blizzard like what happened to (Mare and our other cozy friends) then you have a bunch of your favorite books on hand to read? See to me this situation is different than just having a tbr pile because the tbr pile is great but when I'm in a blizzard (I live in Kansas si it's happened) I start climbing the walls and I need a book that will make me forget the weather outside. I also don't go to the library as often when we start receiving snow and ice so I do have a tbr pile and my weather crisis pile. Some of the authors that I must have in my weather crisis pile are Emily Brightwell, Nancy Atherton and Kate Kingsbury as I really like to read historical mysteries. Amanda Matetsky doesn't write fast enough to suit me. LOL BUT this year I am adding Rhys Bowen's books and Lorraine Bartlett and Barrett now Lorraine is also a must in my tbr piles.LOLOLOL Elaine Viets will be a counted in as will Leslie Meir and Mary Daheim. Who is in your weather crisis pile? Katherine Hall Page is another great selected series as is Sarah Graves but anyway the choices you make probably won't be the choices I make......I really must think ahead because in Kansas a blizzard and really swful weatehr can happen anywhere from October through April but mostly it's Jan, Feb and March that seem to make me a little crazier. We've had snow on Halloween and I have evn centered one of the mysteries I wrote around snow on Halloween.

So tell us your must have on hand titles or authors?




  1. Sicne I have huge TBR piles I always have books of all sorts of genres so that is never a problem. The worst is when there is no power and it is COLD and dark...


  2. I have a room full of books I haven't read yet and it just keeps multiplying. Mary Jane Maffini, Leann Sweeney, Lorraine in all of her incarnations, Sara Paretsky, Sarah Graves, Carolyn Haines, Aaron Elkins, just to name a few. My Kindle is loaded as well. I have a clip on light for that and I have my baseball cap with the lights in the bill that is amazing for reading in the dark. It's good to be prepared! LOL

  3. My TBR pile is self perpetuating. Between publishers, authors and friends I'll NEVER run out of reading material. ;-)

  4. Nora - I HEAR you! But it is a GOOD comforting feeling!


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