Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Today it's time talk about our pets. I'll go first (VBG) I have two dogs. Heidi is a dream but she doesn't walk she runs. She is German Shepherd and I have to say could never be an indoor dog. We love her and over our back fence is another dog and a tiny terrior dog they are her playmates and she loves them. They bark and howl and have their own communication together.

Now our indoor dog is lady Mysteri and she is the my best friend. She loves to bark and her and Heidi often bark back and forth to one another. Lady Mystery loves wind and she also liked scrambled eggs. Our whole family adores her and I have to say she makes me a lot calmer than I was before I had her. We go for family walks and sometimes family car rides which is one of her passions and the longer the better. Belly rubs by Frank will bring a smile to her face and of course feeding her (she's my fat Diva) will bring a smile. Now I know the vet will be putting her on a diet she is a corgi and 54 pounds this is way too large for this type of dog. I hope she is still smiling by the end of winter because I'm sure that when the vet puts her on a special dog food diet Heidi will hear her wail. LOL Anyway tell us your pet stories. Your pet's favorite thing to do, toys, actions etc...?



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  1. I lost two cats early this year in two months. So I adopted 12 year old Baby from a rescue group. I is a very large tabby. He has piercing eyes that look turquoise in certain light. He is very good natured and affectionate but shy with others (alright - he just HIDES)



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