Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is?

What is....

What is your most important topic/rant today? Is it local, , city or state goverment? The recipe that never turns out right for you? A book you read that doesn't quite leave you satisfied? How about a work related issue? Maybe a cleaning solution that doesn't work? Maybe it's people who can't let the issue go or parks a shopping cart in a handicap parking space?

Whatever your topic is tell us about it today?

My small rant is workmen who show up next door to work on a house (roof and inside the house) at 6:30 in the morning and well I might as well get up and out of bed. Now the thing is they pack up and are out of here by noon so you think GREAT one day not so bad only for it to happen again the next morning they stay two hours and are gone again. This keeps happening to me and I am a light sleeper. Can we say grouchy? Would it kill them to wait until 8:00 the duplex next door is empty!!! Anyway that is my small rant....Your turn to rant....




  1. Today - I would say self-absorption. We all are self-absorbed a lot of the time. I get it. but when taking public transportation, these peopl are blocking others way, making it harder to get on/off trains etc... Blocking empty seats oblivious to the person who wants to sit down.

    Being at least PARTIALLY aware of your surroundings is courteous as well as safer (ipod/phone snatching is a popular crime these days). Even reading, I am aware of what is going on around me and when people need to get by me. it's not hard. and it really DOESNT ruin the story.

  2. My rant for today is having to sit in traffic on the hill to our school in the morning because countless parents drive their children to school. I have spent literally 10 minutes sitting in the drive waiting to get to my parking space. I can only hope that they haven't yet figured out that their tax dollars are paying for the school buses and they are paying yet again for the gas in their idling cars every morning during the week. It takes me twenty minutes to get to work in the morning and I live 2 miles away...in a very small town - not DC or NYC.

  3. Mare, I have wondered why so many parent drive kids to school. It was unheard of in our days unless we had a doctors appt or something. And if we missed our bus, we walked. I agree that it is wasteful and frankly with parents time being so scare anyway, you would think this is one burden they would let go of.


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