Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On An Island


Sometimes I have too many wonderful books to read. So much so in fact that I may try to rush through a book just so I can get to run that I THINK is greener in order to make myself slow down I think of myself stranded on an island and I only had sooo many books with me. You know the cruise ship wreck...LOL anyway on my island I am forced to slow and down and enjoy the book I am reading. This trick actually works for today I want you to give us some of your reading tricks for stitcking with a book and enjoying the book as in not just racking up book titles so you have a huge number to list at the end of the year in your book journal.

Now this does not include library books that have a deadline as I have not ever figured a way around the hurry that might require a day or two bfore the book is due back to the library.




  1. Do people actually read just for numbers? Seems bizarre. I read to escape and enjoy a story. I do not savor books -- I have had this discussion with my friends Andrea and Chris before. I don't have a desire to read slow. I jusactually tend to enjoy the page turners more anyway. That's actually how I know I really am loving a story. I keep reading and turning pages, anticipating and wanting to eat it up, so to speak.

  2. I just read to enjoy and when I become engrossed in a book that means I'm loving it and will be sad when it's over. But the beauty is that there's another book waiting its turn to bring me into the fold.


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