Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I made it to Blue Springs, Mo and I am mostly unpacked.

Last night I stayed down in my basement apartment and watched Midsomer Murders, then I watched Miss Bradley so I have to say it was a nice evening.


Mother's Day Melissa took me to Skyline Rest...for lunch. Travis made us burgers and salad last night.

I started reading a book on kindle last night. Can't remember the name of the book...anyone finish a book over the weekend? Did you start a new book to read?

This week should be pretty calm for me. The boys are still in school. Chase will be home at 3:00 and Aiden at 4:00...I have all day free to do what I want and I have my car here so this is going to be great.

Currently I am doing laundry, blogging, checking email and listening to the news.

How is your Monday shaping up?





  1. So far, pretty good. I found out this weekend that my son ordered five books I want for my birthday (which was last week). I see some quality reading time in my near future.

  2. I received a large box of rubber stamping supplies today so I can't wait to start making some new cards!


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