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An Interview with Joanne Pence

MM2: Jo, tell us about bringing Angie and the gang back?

After 15 years of writing the Angie Amalfi mysteries, I took a break to write other types of stories. The break lasted six years, and in that time I've published six books that aren't even mysteries.
That done, I've now not only returned to Angie, but have begun a new mystery series with "spin-off" characters from the Angie stories. 
Going back to writing about Angie in COOKING SPIRITS (April 2013), and then in a Christmas novella, COOK'S CURIOUS CHRISTMAS (December 2013), was like reacquainting myself with a very dear old friend. Once again, I am finding it fun to write about the entire Amalfi clan, as well as Paavo and his co-workers in Homicide.
Let me add that I'm very grateful to the many people who wrote to me over the years when I wasn't publishing an Angie book and saying that they missed reading about her and the many people who fill her life.
MM2: What are some of the favorite characters t…