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Review: Isis by Douglas Glegg

Iris and her brothers move with their mother to their Grandfather's old house in Cornwall.  There, they find old tombs with ancient legends attached to them of those who have called back the dead.

Iris is fascinated and inspired as well by the myth of Isis and Osiris and is in a local play about the same.  But when tragedy strikes, her love for her brother makes her do a very foolish thing.

Sad and atmospheric, with wonderful illustrations.


The Legend of Isis and Osiris is fascinating.  There are many versions but the consistent parts are that the gods Isis and Osiris were siblings and married in the ancient Egyptian tradition.  When their brother Set kills Osiris, Isis goes back and retrieves his body parts (he has been dismembered and the parts scattered) all but one.  She uses magic to conceive a child, Horus.  Horus will eventually overthrow Set who took over the throne after he killed Osiris, and restore balance to Egypt's lands.


In the book, Iris is inspired by this…

Review: The Yard by Alex Grecian

Title: The YARD
Author: Alex Grecian
When I write my yearly top ten books that I love...The YARD will be among the ten.
This book takes place in Victorian London right after Jack The Ripper conveys his message of terror.
Now there has been  murder squad formed by Scotland Yard. Walter Day heads the murder squad and the first order of business is one of their own has  been murdered and left in a trunk for dead. One by one murders happen and people disappear. With the help of forensic pathologist Dr. Kingsley, the two men hunt clue-by-clue and take London apart to find who is murdering their own and many more.
I loved this book. While there are some unsettling moments they are well worth the bile in the stomach. It has to be in this historical cozy in order for us to understand the what, when, where and why of the story.
From page one you are drawn into the story and the characters.
A side note (I loved the dancing man), don't miss this moving and extremely riveting mystery. **********…

Review: Ebola The Natural and Human History of A Deadly Virus - David Quammen and A Lot to say about the true FACTS about Ebola

File Size: 1627 KBPrint Length: 128 pagesPublisher: W. W. Norton & Company; 1 edition (October 3, 2014)Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Language: EnglishASIN: B00O3GS0FE

This book is mostly excerpts from the author's book Spillover (which I have in my TBR pile pending still).  It has been updated in light of current events.  It is an incredibly educational and informative book about Ebola, its history and what is known about the disease.  it is an excellent resource for those who want to get to the truth of all these fear-ridden headlines in the news right now.  I have read many of the source materials the author used, and found this to be a well thought out and put together presentation and summation of what we really need to know on the subject.  And the best part, is that the author presents the information in a readable and understandable way.  HIGHLY recommend.

Some of the facts and my thoughts in this time of Media-Induced FEAR:

Ebola has been around since 1976 where…

Review - Laurie Anderson Concert @ Birchmere

I had been looking forward to this for quite a while.  My friend Andrea and I originally got tickets when she was supposed to come earlier this year but the show was canceled.  So, this time around I was glad it finally happened.

I have loved her music since Big Science when I was in college.  For my college Modern Dance class, we even choreographed a very interesting dance to her song Walking and Falling.  Costumes, music, movement all intertwined to tell a story of soul searching and our place in the universe.  I think she might have appreciated it.  Of course, it was recorded on VHS back then and is long gone.  Sad.  We did get an A+ and the comment from the rest of the class when we were done was - "Well, that was Modern..."  We found that amusing.  Another interesting this is that another group in the class did their dance to O, Superman.  So she obviously was connecting with a lot of us then.

And why not?  She is a remarkable innovator with music and performance art.  He…

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

INSPIRATION (and stuff like that)

I sold my very first book, One Bright Morning, in January of 1994. That was a Big Thrill. Unfortunately, even though I’ve had more than fifty books published since then, everything’s gone downhill from there.
Well… maybe not everything. There have been a few bright spots along the way. The first one came shortly after the publication of that first book, One Bright Morning, when a bookstore owner in Nebraska (whose name I’ve managed to forget) wrote to tell me she’d named her newborn palomino colt (or do you call newborn horses foals? Well, never mind) Maggie Bright, after the heroine of the book. Therefore, somewhere in Nebraska there’s now a twenty-year-old palomino horsey named Maggie Bright, and my character was the inspiration for her name. I tell you, that note made me cry. Actually, thinking about it made me teary-eyed for years.
Plod forward twenty years, and there have been some ups along the writing road, but not a whole slew of them. This may p…