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An Interview with Susan Waters

Susan, tell us about your current book?

This book reveals the lies about God that the enemy plants in our minds and hearts during times of trauma and disappointment. Most of these lies are in the subconscious realm. The book contains the following endorsements:This book is a masterpiece in the field of counseling and should be in the library of everyone who desires to help others through the stormy passages of life's oceans. Susan, in her very practical and yet profound way, addresses the questions that have plagued the human heart for centuries. I believe this book will become a classic and also serve as a strong witness to the skeptic as well. Brilliant work! - Dr. Myles Munroe Founder, President, and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries InternationalI am very happy to endorse the timely book "God the Ogre Syndrome" by Sue Waters. This is a theme, which comes to my attention everyday in the classroom and in my personal life. God is being continually blamed by the Devil's Agents for all the Aggression and Violence and Life Style Choices that they themselves have made. This is universal politics and it is time someone points this out to all the Christian light bearers. Be aware of the Devil's wiles and the blame game. Sue has done a magnificent job of opening our eyes. - Dr. Stephen R. Hambly, Ph.D. D-C.P.C., Certified Psychotherapist, Doctorate in Psychology, Dean of Psychology/Counselling at Victory Bible Colleges International Sue has written a thorough and practical handbook for people wounded and hindered by their past, and the voices of the mind, that lead to misunderstanding the ways of the Lord. - Bonnie Pioveson , Regional Director for Women in Leadership

The Introduction and Chapter 1 can be read on my profile page in one of my blogs on ShoutLife I also have a corresponding Workbook.

What type of writing schedule do you have?
I used to have a set schedule that changed from time to time (God The Ogre Syndrome took 20 plus years to write!) I write daily mini devotions that are emailed out from my website I have a goal (that when I’m done renovating my home) I want to get back to set writing times but nothing too scheduled right now.

For you what is the hardest part of the writing process?
I’m not really sure. All of it has been difficult at times.

How many books have you written?
I have God The Ogre Syndrome book and Workbook that are published. I have 4 or 5 devotionals that need to be edited and then published and some other work that needs to be finished.

Who gave you the best writing advice you ever received and what was it?
God! He told me that writing was like ballet – the more I practiced the better I would be. The better you become – the more graceful the flow.

Okay now for the fun questions....What is your favorite dessert, meal, movie and book?
Dessert – mock chocolate cheesecake – I had it at a raw food restaurant. It was amazing.
Meal – steak and lobster
Movie – It’s a Beautiful Life
Book – The Stack

Who are some of your favorite fictional characters?
I don’t read a lot of fiction – not that I don’t enjoy fiction – I just find it difficult to keep up with all the nonfiction I want to read.

Is there someone who inspired you?
Other than Jesus, the apostle Paul. He loved the Lord, suffered greatly and knew who he was.

Give us five positive writing inspirational things/moments that have happened to you in the past year.
Oh no…I’m not going to sound like a very good author. For me, writing is one of the ways I can help people. I really do enjoy speaking more than writing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing but when I’m inspired to write, it’s because of a revelation I get that I know will help others.

Okay direct us to your website...

Is there something you would like to say to your readers?
My book and workbook will bring great freedom. It’s an investment of time and a willingness to look at the pain in your lives but the reward is well worth it!

Tell us a little about yourself, Susan the woman, the author and the friend.
I enjoy life and love a good practical joke. I love to have fun and I love to shop in the StatesJ I have been a counselor for 19 years. This past year I have begun Performance Coaching, have been interviewed 5 times on TV, once on radio, and within the next month I will have 2 radio shows, a call in and a teaching program. I’m a grandmother and I absolutely love it! I love garlic and I love adventure and the most important of all – I have an intimate relationship with my Lord!

Last but never least.....
Leave us with some wonderful words of wisdom.
Trust God. That’s short and sweet but it can be difficult to do. From my own life experience I can say it’s better to choose to trust Him even if you don’t feel like it because without making that choice, many poor decision are made.


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