Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Glenda and have decided to blow the cobwebs off of a book we started coauthoring together four years ago. The book is a fictional mystery and we even though the setting is fictional we have loosely based it in Parsons, Kansas. Now the part of the book where we have one of our protags living and all three protags (have their adjoining businesses) is located downtown.

Last night we decided to revist the shops and upstairs apartments. I must confess I am usually not a law breaker having been raised with a step-father that among other things worked for the KBI and was a police officer. HOWEVER, last night was just too tempting as we took notes on the building and wanted desperately to see the layout of apartments. (Which Glenda assures me this can be handled the legal way), anyway I digress... We walked around to the side entrance of the building and I found an unlocked door (we couldn't help it, I mean if security isn't any better than this what can I say) anyway Glenda and I went in the side door and found the most wonderful murals on the walls. Plenty of locked doors and plenty of room for our imaginations to run amuck. I was in heaven and so desperately wanted to see where the doors would lead us. Of course I didn't break into anything else and when we let ourselves out the same way we came in through the open hallway door then we took a look at the outside (back and side of the building) and after convincing ourselves that we could not climb anything to the top of the building to window peek on what the top floors looked like. We let our fictional voices take over and did plot a way someone get up to the apartment and down.

Isn't mystery writing wonderful and it really was just one big adventure in our minds we have a very clear picture of what we want the outside of our fictional places to be and it definitely was worth our time to enter the forbidden door. Because it opened to door to our fictional adventures and we really love this one city block of quaint buildings. To top off the evening before we drove away we looked up to the one of the apartment windows and there was a cat sitting in the window. How purrrrfect us that for two cozy authors to top off their evening?



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