Monday, May 18, 2009

My Library Trip: May 18/09

Just so everyone knows it's summer reading program time and I signed up for it today. Mostly because they are showing Adult Movie Night this summer with some vintage mystey movies. I thought it would be fun to attend. Now here is what I picked up at the library today. FOYLE'S WAR -AMONG THE FEW and FOYLE'S WAR -ALL CLEAR These are both DVD's.

Books" The MURDER at the MURDER at the MIMISA INN by JOAN HESS: (This is a reread that I read in 1999), then I also found a couple of new to me authors. PRELUDE TO DEATH by SHARON ZUKOWSKI this one is not a cozy but still a mystery. This next book caught my attention and I just HAD to have it because well I'm curious. the VICTORIA VANISHES (A Pecuilar Crimes Mystery), now what mystery reader would pass up this crime unit? Then because I love comfort reads I picked up a paperback of IF DEATH EVER SLEPT by REX STOUT and last but never least...ROYAL FLUSH by REX STOUT.

Before this trip I read more up to date newer cozies, mysteries and chick lit, but today I went looking for new to me authors and comfort reads. Not a bad group of books but I still need to find a Jeff Cohen Mystery, the latest Julie Hyzy, Emiliee Richards, the latest Victoria Laurie, Emily Brightwell, and Carola Dunn's latest. I did look for another Kerry Underwood but they didn't have one today.
The interlibrary loan lady wasn't at her desk and so I thought I would call in an interlibrary loan group of books later in the week. I am still looking for mysteries set in WW11 and WW1.....anywho this how I spent my mid-Monday Morning.

Murder Is Served


  1. I'm looking forward to reading a Jeff Cohen book too! Hopefully we can find one soon.

  2. Glenda, I have one hardback of his you can borrow. I read it eons ago but now I want to read more of them.LOL Pamela

  3. For a mystery set during WWI, try Murder at Wrigley Field by Troy Soos. It's the first in this particular series. The following books go through the war years. This one is set in Chicago among the German-American community. Quite interesting.


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