Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pamela's May Column


May is the month of Malice Domestic located in Crystal City, Virgina, and we would like to say "Congratulations" to our new winners of 2009. I won't list all of the names here but will say kuddos to Louise Penny who won the 2009 teapot for best mystery, and I will say Gen Malliett won for DEATH Of A COZY WRITER, I hear Elaine Viets was a wonderful Toastmaster.

Terri can fill in the details of Malice.........
Now I have discovered a new to me author. Kerry Greenwood who hails from down under has a wonderful historical cozy mystery series. Phryne Fisher is a roaring twenties sleuth who has manners, beauty but most of all has brains. I would say this series is one of magic and mayhem and should top any cozy historical lovers list. It's not just about the mystery and whodunnit but more about the characters and the lives they lead.
Next up is the topic of Carolyn Hart's third series and this is a new series, first book called GHOST at WORK. I'm not quite sure what I think of this series. You see I thought it was another cozy series but it's only a cozy in a very lukewarm way. It seems heaven's department of good intentions sends Bailey Ruth Raeburn back to her hometown to help a pastor's wife. Kathleen the pastor's wife had found a dead body on her front porch and Bailey must help Kathleen set things to rights. I will be interested to hear what other readers think of this series.
Next up is Diane Mott Davidson's FATALLY FLAKEY and I have to say I am enjoying this culinary mystery. I won't give the plot away but I will say that readers are in for a sweet treat and the setting is "To Die For"...........
So what have I been up to this spring? Soggy weather, watching Perry Mason Movies, looking forward to Mother's Day this Sunday and I'm plugging along writing two books. One traditional cozy mystery titled ONE LITTLE MURDER....this features a bookstore located in a haunted hotel. My second book is SUNFLOWERS about three sisters and how they cope with life, love, careers and family after their father's murder. Both books are set in Kansas.
If all of this isn't enough to keep me pulling my hair out and feeling my age then the next sentence will give you a clue. My oldest grandaughter is graduating from eighth grade on May 7th and along with this I have found another batch of gray hair this week. Nobody prepares you very well for the over fifty decade and I'm pretty sure it's a generational joke that I am not ready to delve into the angst and ploy of this joke. I would much rather read than dye my hair but I am afraid I really don't want batches of gray so dying my hair is a must I'll ignore all other signs of over fifty. Let me just say I know why we have feisty fifty year old women.

Anyway that's my spring and as long as I'm not pushing up daisies I guess I'll close with RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD....remember that song, yeah now try to get it out of your head the rest of the day!

Dark and Stormy Wishes,
Pamela Sue James

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