Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review: A Fool and His Honey by Charlaine Harris

Publisher: Berley Prime Crime
Series Mystery

Aurora Teagarden is happily married to Martin and even though once in a while she has to attend dinner parties for Martin's business she still makes time for her mother and new step father, working part-time at the library and her life couldn't be better. That is until one afternoon when she finds her handyman dancing naked in her side yard. If this was the craziest thing to happen that day she could probably have managed to not have her life turned upside down.
However, when Martin's niece knocks on her door with a brand new baby in hand, no father on the scene and starts making herself at home the day seems to take on a life of it's own. Then when Martin and Aurora leave Regina and baby Hayden on their own for the evening, upon returning from a very tense dinner party, they find who they believe is Regina's husband with a hatchet in his skull, Regina has disappeared and baby Hayden is now Aurora and Martin's responsibility.
To make matters more complicated they find Rory who is Craig's (Regina's husband's best friend) sacked out on their couch, and Rory isn't talking at least not telling them anything they want to hear since he starts out by saying that Craig and him was just released from jail.
Off to Martin and Regina's hometown they go in search of Regina, and to find the answers to why Craig had to die. But when they arrive and start talking to Regina and Craig's friends and neighbors, Aurora soon learns that nobody knew Regina was pregnant. Aurora is beginning to think that she really is going to have to raise baby Hayden and then when a snowstorm breaks loose and dark family secrets begin to surface life gets less complicated and increasingly deadly. Aurora doesn't have to track a killer the killer finds her and Aurora realizes that in order to survive she has to manipulate a killer at his own game.

A FOOL and HIS HONEY, is a dark cozy that races against time from start to finish and one thing is for certain, nobody comes out a winner in this cozy winter mystery. Beware that it also ends on a sad note but a note of survival. While she fought to save a child by the end of the book she comes out emotionally battered and bruised with wounds that only time will heal.

A FOOL and HIS HONEY by Charlaine Harris, is full of well intentioned surprises and gives new slant to the meaning of the word cozy. Harris has written a plot twist of the first order but a strong heroine emerges. *********
Pamela James

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