Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review: Prelude to Death by Sharon Zukowski

Genre: Suspens/Mystery Series
(A Blaine Stewart Mystry)
Publisher: Dutton
ISBN: 0-525-94079-0

If you like Sue Grafton you will love Sharon Zukowski she is a P.I. who doesn't leave any scumbag under a rock.

Blaine Stewart should be planning a trip down the isle, instead she hops a plane to help her brothr Dick who called her with a little problem. His little problem is that he's in jail but the bigger problem is that he is accused of murder. Not just any murder but the murder of his live in girl friend Corrye Edwards. Corrye is Key West's unoffical poet laureate, and Corrye's dead husband was a Cuban Expatriate Artist.
Dick has no alibi for the time that Corrye was murdered, he argued with Corrye shortly before her death, and her last poem "Prelude To Death" clearly points to Dick as a lover who can't be trusted. Blaine meets Dick's lawyer whom at first she doesn't take to but soone he grows on as he doesn't let his wheelchair get in the way of what he must do to take his client from a death penality.
Blaine soon learns that Florida has a sleezy side and that she is being followed by a goverment agent, a couple of local detectives and Dick isn't helping himself as he tells her to go home and let fate take it's course. She knows he didn't do it and will not leave until his name is cleared and the charges are dropped.
The problem she faces is staying alive long enough to clear his name and reveal the real Corrye Edwards because Corrye had a dark side that didn't end with her death.
PRELUDE TO DEATH, is a fight for justice, a family drama and a damned good book. Blaine is gutsy and gets the job done at any cost.
Sharon Zukowski, and writes with an edge, this book is gripping and sassy, a little sexy and a lot breathless. Keep turning the page it gets better and better and you won't want to miss th climax.
Pamela James

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I had a lot of fun writing that book.

    Sharon Z


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