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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review - Miss Julia Delivers the Goods

Title: Miss Julia Delivers the Goods
Author: ANN B. ROSS
ISBN: 978-0-670-02065-2
Genre-Cozy Series Mystery

Hazel Marie is feeling poorly, she can't keep anything down and she is losing weight and she is tired all of the time. Miss Julia is worried enough to escort her to the doctor. A battery of tests are ran and soon Hazel Marie finds herself in a hospital bed and what they find wrong with Hazel Marie is scandalize in Miss Julia's eye.
Then right when Julia thinks her plate is full enough to feed China, her husband Sam has HIS house broken into and what is missing could cause a lot of scandal for a lot of folks. His taped interviews and files on certain people who live in the county and wouldn't want their dirty laundry aired is what's missing. Well wouldn't you know J.D. Pickens the best detective and investiagator around has up and moved. But Sam tracks him down and soon J.D. is staying at Sam's house and is on the case. That is with Miss Julia and Sam's help.
Of course this only upsets Hazel Marie more since she and J.D. have broken up and it will take an act of God to get these two back together. Miss Julia doesn't know about an act of God but she is willing to do her part even if it means telling a few little well place white lies.
This of course just about makes Lillian the housekeeper/cook about to have a nervous breakdown but in the end it's Lillian who helps the most and Lloyd is really worried about his mother but at least he has tennis camp to keep him busy and he does get to spend some time with J.D.
MISS JULIA DELIVERS the GOODS, is a great summer read. While the plot is rather predictable it's still fun, charming and wonderful. Ann B. Ross has developed a cozy that is not only familiar but downright endearing.
Pamela James

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