Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review - State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

AUTHOR: Julie Hyzy
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
White House Chef Mystery Series
ISBN: 978-0-425-21869-3

White House Assistant Chef Olivia Para's, (Ollie) to her friends and coworkers found the perfect gift for retiring White House Chef Henry Cooley a commemorative silver frying pan. Too bad the Secret Service Agents had to confiscate the pan when Ollie had to use it to stop a White House Intruder before he could get to the President Of the United States.
Still the intruder aptly named (Naveen) is stopped and arrested, the excitement doesn't end there as by the end of the day Ollie has more on her plate than she can handle. Naveen told her that he had to get a message to the President, her Secret Service Agent boyfriend (Tom MacKenzie) warns her to stay out of snooping into what has been dubbed a top secret mission by the Secret Service. Of course all is not going smoothly in the kitchen as Ollie is one of two nominated to replace Henry as Exceutive White House Chef. The heat is on and most of it is centered around Ollie, because Naveen is murdered before Ollie's very eyes and she saw who did it. But the assassin is named the Chamelon for a reason and soon Ollie is in danger from every direction.
This thrilling, fast paced culinary mystery will whip you into an all day reading frenzy. Nothing tops this debut series and this book is not fluff it's the most delicious culinary cozy of the decade. Julie Hyzy has penned a mystery to please everyone's palette. Ollie Para's is a heroine with brains and talent.
********** Pam James

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