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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Movies

Summer Movies

The movie KILLER HAIR, based on the book by Ellen Byerrum is a wonderful blend of mystery, wit and humor. I watched the movie and even if I were paid to say this which I am not it's the best movie since Hallmark came out with the Mystery Woman Mystery Movies.
Alicia Silverston, has found her niche and I hope Ellen has many more of the books in this series made into movies.
Lacey Smithsonian is the sleuth and ace columnist of our new mystery ear. Fashion, shoes, to die for hair smart and sassy does not cover Lacey, let's just say if I were ever murdered call Lacey and let the cell phone ring until she answers. Lifetime Movie Channel should be applauded for basing this new movie series on Lacey Smithsonian.
The setting is D.C. the fashion is fun and the hair salon is to die for or to die in but it doesn't matter because the movie is full of a fine cast and killer clues. This is the feel-good about murder movie of the year.
Please don't miss HOSTILE MAKEOVER which airs this Sunday on Lifetime movie channel.

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  1. Maggie Lawson was great! And it was fun to see Finola Hughes. I really enjoyed it.