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Guest Blogger - Jennifer Lyon (aka Jennifer Apodaca) -- Witch Worthy

Witch Worthy
By Jennifer Lyon

I have a segment on my blog ( called Wing Slayer Worthy. Once a week, I try to put up a picture of a man and ask the readers if he’s Wing Slayer Worthy. That refers to my Wing Slayer Hunters Series. It’s a fun segment!

But when I’m writing my books, I always ask myself, is the hero Witch Worthy? This comes from when I was little and cut my teeth watching the TV show BEWITCHED. I loved that show and developed a love witches from it! But I could never figure out what Samantha saw in Darrin. The guy was a wimp and afraid of his mother. And he hated/feared Samantha’s witchcraft, the very thing that made her so special. He went so far as to “forbid” her to use it, (yeah, you’re going to forbid a witch who can turn you into a toad!). So not hero material in my book! I never thought he was a Witch Worthy hero.

It’s amazing how something like a simple TV show stays in your mind. I always wanted to change the dynamics of Samantha and Darrin. Before I published in mystery, I wrote a couple witch projects that never sold. The projects just weren’t right. Then years later, I was sitting at my computer and e-mailing a friend when man walked into my head. It’s the only time I’ve ever had this happen where the character just showed up. I knew nothing him except that he was Axel Locke, a seriously tormented alpha hero. I didn’t know what to do with him, he was too much for any heroine I could think of, until it popped into my head; a witch could handle him! I finally had a Witch Worthy hero!

I was in love in an instant. I knew it was something I had to write. I had contracted projects that I worked on, while stealing time to work on Axel and his witch. It quickly grew into a massive project, with a tremendous amount of world-building. I wrote, rewrote and revised again.

But there’s something I never forgot each time I sat down with these characters—these men had to be worthy of the very special witches that would become their heroines. No matter what I threw at the men—demonic curses, soul destroying cravings or gut wrenching betrayals—they had to remain strong and just. And unlike Darrin in the old TV show, these men not only love and respect their witch’s magic, but they become an intricate part of it.
That’s a real Witch Worthy Hero to me! What about you? What makes a hero worthy to you? Leave a comment and I’ll draw a random name to win an autographed copy of BLOOD MAGIC!

Jennifer Lyon always wanted to be a witch. When her witch-powers didn't materialize, she turned to creating magic in her books. BLOOD MAGIC is the first book in an enchanting, passionate and supernatural series. The second book, SOUL MAGIC, will be out September 30, 2009. Visit Jennifer Lyon at


  1. Yet another book to add to my shopping list. It sounds great and I LOVE the way you think. LOL. Darren was a wimp, and not even a good looking one. He would have to be a very strong, and not just physically, to be worthy in my world. Darn, now I'm thinking about Michael in the Blackbird sisters series and there aren't even any witches in it. LOL

  2. Cannot WAIT for the next book in your Witch series, Jen!! Blood Magic was FABULOUS!!

    And I'm so with you.....Darrin was NOT worthy. LOL

    Oooh, and Mare, I loved Michael in the Blackbird sisters series!! Really frosted me how the heroine was so wishy washy about him!

  3. I always wondered what she saw in him. ANd now I find I will be judging men on a whole new level now. LOL

  4. Mare, thanks! Now you've got me thinking about the Blackbird Sister series. I've only read a couple--I need to catch up and learn all about Michael! He sounds intriguing!

  5. Maureen, so glad you liked the book! Poor Darrin is getting beat up to day, but he deserves it for thinking he could forbid Sam anything!

  6. Terri, too funny! We just keep raising the standards for men, don't we? And why not? We deserve only the BEST heroes in our fiction, right?

  7. We absolutely do! LOL

  8. hmmmm I think I can sum it up in one word (at least for me) ... integrity. He can make mistakes, he can have flaws but if he's got integrity I'll forgive him almost anything. Read Blood Magic, loved it but I'd sure love to have a signed copy :D

  9. I have to agree with you on the Witch Worthy Hero.. A Man who does not only stand by his Witch, but loves her for magic and person, and willing to go to such lengths to keep them safe but who is not afraid to aid in their spellcasting.

    I remember Bewitched. I remember watching a few episodes but it never really sank in. Then when I became a teenager I got into witches and witchcraft (something my mother wasn't too thrilled about)

    I never thought there was books with witches in..and so I missed out for so long. When I found one I was so startled and like "I need more"

  10. is the blackbird series by nancy maratin ?

  11. I loved Blood Magic!! Alpha hero's are my ultimate favorite of all time! I don't think I could ever write a beta hero (bleh!). lol
    What makes a hero? Hrmm Other than the obvious-if-ya-know-what-I-mean-(hehe), I think that no matter what, he has the best interested of heroine at heart. It could be twisted and off-base, but if he's doing it because/for her...then he's a hero. :)

  12. Jennifer,
    Thank for being our guest blogger and I can agree that I would have changed the Darin
    character on BEWITCHED I loved Samantha but
    never quite thought either Darin was right
    for the part.

  13. Ban, integrity, yes exactly! And thank you on the book, I'm thrilled that you liked it!

    Oh and yes, the series by Nancy Martin

  14. Kira, aside from THAT, LOL! I do love alpha heros as long as they are well motivated. And trying so hard for the heroine is super sexy!

  15. Pamela, thank you and Terri for having me guest blog, it's a real pleasure to be here.

    And yep, Sam could have done so much better than Darrin!

  16. Raonald, I think I felt the same way about books with witches! Or at least the kind of witches that I wanted to read about.

    I totally agree with you on the heroes--they should stand by their witch and be proud of her power, not afraid!

  17. How long until September 30th!?!? I picked Blood Magic as one of three books/series I'd keep if I had to unload my library. Srsly!

  18. Silver, wow that's so cool! Thank you!

  19. I want to announce the winner of the giveway - it is Mare!

    Congratulations Mare!



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