Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Hail to the Chef

PAGES: 328

Ollie Paras is the new excutive White House Chef, and it's the Thanksgiving Holidays. Added to the ususal holiday bustle, the daily on the job stress and a bomb scare that puts the First Lady, the First Lady's nephew and Ollie together in a secure room complete with makeshift kitchen and soon chaos starts to seem like a way of life.
But to Ollie's dismay her favorite electrician is electrocuted and Ollie doesn't think it was an accident. She thinks it is murder, but before she can truly investigate his death another murder happens. One they are calling suicide and the First Lady isn't buying it. The First Lady's nephew wouldn't kill himself and she enlists the aid of Ollie to help her prove it wasn't murder.
Now if you think your family is dysfunctional then you're in for a treat because the First Lady's family is anything but soically nice. To top this off Ollie is asked to rig the gingerbread man contest for children. None other than a Senator's assistant wants a certain family to win.
To top this off Ollie and her staff are asked to attend safety classes and everyone's schedule has to be worked around these classes.
Needless to say can't even think about her own personal holiday or needs with so much chaos and murder surrounding this holiday season.
HAIL TO THE CHEF is a combination of humor, sadness and true courage. But more than that it's full of flavorful recipes, a tightly woven plot and characters that round out a truly remarkable mystery.
HAIL TO THE CHEF is the second book in this wonderful mystery series and that will be a delight to the palette of every mystery reader. You can't go wrong with a Julie Hyzy Mystery and if you love holiday myseteries don't miss this feast because Ollie Paras is the sweetest, smartest and most sensational sleuth on today's market.
Pamela James **********


  1. Thank you Pamela! I received an e-mail alert that led me to your review. Thank you for reading Hail to the Chef. I'm delighted you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you taking the time to write such a wonderful review!

  2. Julie,
    I'm glad you liked it, however, I spotted so many mistakes I'm blushing. The next review of this series will be written better.


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