Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Needled To Death

Author: Maggie Sefton
Hard Cover
Mystery SeriesPublisher: Berley Prime Crime

Kelly Flynn loves her new life in Fort Conner, Colorado. She has her work and she has her friends. Life is good and she even has her hobby of knitting. So when Kelly volunteers to take a group of tourists to visit Vickie Claymore's Alpaca Farm to see these special sheep. The last thing on Kelly's mind is that she would find Vickie Claymore's lifeless slain body splayed on the beautiful hand woven rug. The suspects could be anyone from a soon to be ex-husband, close friend or relative but one thing is for sure Kelly has busy hands and a sharp mind. She may not be able to knit her sweater without frogging a few rows but when it comes to murder she can try to right a wrong.

NEEDLED TO DEATH by Maggie Sefton, includes a recipe and a knitting pattern but the most clever part of this book is the plot. Complete with charming characters and a wonderful setting this book is sure to please any mystery reader. ***********

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