Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pamela on Quitting Smoking....

You've heard of the 'SMOKING GUN' well keep them away from me while I try to quit smoking. This is the one of the hardest things I've ever done and that includes childbirth. You know when I was smoking I hardly saw anyone else with a cigerette hanging from their lips. I never thought much about it until I this past week when I've been out and about seeing the sights of my small town. I've seen more women with cigerettes this past week than I have in months. I keep thinking I must've thought quitting smoking was a piece of cake in the past and now all that bad karma is coming back to haunt me. I will NOT let this habit control the rest of my life and a short one it will be if I don't let it go, but to say this is easy and as in any addiction it consumes you with every waking moment.

Reading books is good about strong heroines and protags that don't smoke and probably never did, of course a smokers annyomous would be even better. Excerise is good but my legs are not what they used to be and honestly I just want to pack up my books and take a cheap flight to somewhere anywhere there is not a store on every corner that sells cigs. I know I must have will power but I'm addicted and how much candy, suckers and sweets can one body hold?

I'll beat this thing or die trying but you know it occurs to me there has got to be a way to turn this into a murder mystery plot. I can't think of one today but I know it's there just waiting for the fog to clear in my brain.

Okay to everyone else I say don't buy cigs but buy books, see I don't have a local bookstore to stop in and buy books or that might just work, or a local LNS Cross Stitch Store might do the trick to feel fabric and browse the shelves. Did I mention I'm sick of candy...anyway everyone buy a book and let me know what you bought......maybe we can blog about book buying.....I think my library might be sick of me as I'm spending quite a bit of time there. That's because I can browse their shelves for free but I am getting to the point where I have to inter-library loan the books I want to read.

Okay off to look through the dictionary.....


  1. Good luck, Pamela! You can do it! You can be one of those strong heroines whom we all admire so much!

    And... how about a heroine who can't concentrate on solving the mystery because of her cravings? Or someone who kills... for a cigarette?

  2. Oh Clea see your brain is not fogged with addiction. LOL I love both ideas and I think I'll borrow at least one of them. THANK YOU now go buy a book any book.....LOL

  3. You go girl you can do it,I know it's not easy but take it from some-one who has done it every day without a smoke is one day closer to not wanting one,take care and good luck


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