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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review - The Baker Street Letters







Page count:277

An eight year old little girl wants her missing daddy found. She writes a letter to Sherlock Holmes at 221 Bake Street. Now occupied by law offices Nigel Heath is a occupying one of the law offices and part of his duties is answer all the Sherlock Holmes Letters that arrive at the office. he reads the letter a little girl wrote twenty years before and she strikes a cord in his heart. Nigel flies to California where the now woman lives for he feels he must solve the mystery of why her father disappeared. There are factors to be condsidered one is that Nigel is expected to go in front of the Law Review Board the very day he hops a plane. Leaving his lawyer brother to make up any excuse Nigel doesn't look back. It turns out that he should have at least looked around his office.

By the time Reggie Heath goes looking for his brother he finds the a dead man on the floor in his brother's office. A dead man his brother was arguing with and who is the office manager, not to mention the law review board.

Reggie has his own problems with his actress and sometimes lover Laura, both brother are besotted with Laura, and she can see the good in both brothers.

Reggie feels he has no choice but to hop a plane to California and locate his brother before more trouble happens, but he's too late because soon his brother is on the run for a murder in California and because Reggie is ensared in a game of cat and mouse with the real killer.

The twists and turns of The BAKER STREET LETTERS will have you in his grips, page after page well find drama and danger and we find that the heart wants what the heart wants, and what was once a worried little girl is a woman who trust no one and a woman whom no one should trust.

I could almost hear the clock ticking as I delved into this page turner of a mystery. By far the best book I've read in a long long time.


Pamela James

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