Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it still the month of January?

Is it still the month of January? Why can't we zoom into May because I could sure use sunshine and flowers to color my world. I suppose this means that I'd better head to the nearest fictional world so I don't have to think about snow, ice and the whole bleak winter scene. Better days are probably ahead but this year I am not handling winter months as well as I did in past years.
Okay for good books I've read lately here is the list:
The BLOOD BALLARD by Rett MacPherson (A Torrie O'Shea Mystery), Thai Die by Monica Ferris (I think she should win an award with this book) the research and fun she had writing this one shows and I loved the plot, BULLS ISLAND by Dorthea Benton Frank this is one book where dysfunctional family doesn't quite cover it. Dorthea blends her setting, her plots and sub-plots very well and the atmosphere of the whole book kept me turning pages night after night long past my bedtime. I think I mentioned The BLACK OPAL by Victoria Holt before but it deserves mentioning again because it is another book that kept me up long past my bedtime. BOOKPLATE SPECIAL by Lorna Barrett/aka/Lorraine Bartlett I love this series but this book in the book town series brings to attention food pantries, hunger and homeless all wrapped in one, the plot is tightly woven and it's nice to cozy up with a cozy mystery you can count on to bring a good story. If I want a dark cozy I don't go to Lorraine's books but if I want a cozy of substance she is at the top of the list.
Speaking of dark cozies once in a while I like a darker cozy mystery but I won't touch them if they are harming children, animals or have an uncomfortable scene. If I want to read something like that I'll read it in another genre but not cozies. Now having said this I am big fan of dark cozies maybe a stalker scene or gaslight type plot even an evil twin is fun sometimes and so it goes but I know my limits as a reader and what I expect from each genre of books I read.
Okay back to my book list APPLE TURNOVER MURDER by Joanne Fluke is probably the best culinary mystery I have read in a long time she really gives us a good plot and subplot in this book of the series. Not to mention the recipes are among the best she has ever included in her books.
Okay I am going to have a second cup of coffee this morning and so I say to everyone I hope your week is filled with plots and many wonderful hours of reading.



  1. Sounds like you had a month of GREAT reads. But January seems like the longest month of the year to me. (and we don't even get snow ...well, I take that back. This year we did.)

  2. Pamela, thanks so much for the kind words on Bookplate Special. You're a doll.

    But I think February is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t month, maybe not in days, but that it's always snowy where I live and going out and doing anything is such an EFFORT. But, I'm staying put. February doesn't last forever, and I think I appreciate the spring flowers more because of it.

  3. I just want to feel my toes again. LOL Lorraine I was just telling the truth about your book/series.
    Leann what is the temp in Texas today?


  4. It IS still January and I agree with you! Although right now it's raining sideways and 53 degrees F. The sump pump in the basement is exhausted. The ground is still frozen so the INCHES of rain we've gotten so far today are running where ever they can.

    You have read some good books this month. It's good, you've definitely earned it.


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