Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review - Apple Turnover Murder by Joanne Fluke

Culinary Mystery Series
ISBN; 978-0-7582-3489-6
Page count 304

Lake Eden, Minnesota's mayor Bascomb and his wife Stephanie are hosting a huge fundraiser. They need dessert for several events of the fundraiser so Lisa volunteers that they can make some apple turnovers. The problem is neither Lisa nor Hannah have ever made apple turnovers but they soon rise to the occasion. Along with the funraiser there will be a talent show Hannah has to be Herb's asistant one more time which means she has to wear that dastardly purple dress one more time.
Hannah is also babysitting cuddles while Norman is out of town at a reunion of his college friends and soon we learn that Hannah's little sister Michelle is dating the same college porfessor thah Hannah dated in her college days and he is the one who broke her heart. Hannah dislikes the man which is uncommon for Hannah to dislike anyone but when he turns up dead at the fundraiser she feels duty bound to find out why someone had enough passion to kill him.
Hannah and Mike work together to solve the crime but Hannah can't shake off the feeling that Norman is acting strange first hot then cold, she has little time to worry while he is out of town because Andrea has her own problems and they are a doozy. Her husband has been offered the job of a lifetime in Florida and Andrea doesn't want to move. Chocolate is the only thing holding Andrea together.
Speaking of dessert recipes (and we were weren't we)? This book is chalk full of desserts that will make your mouth water and you will be adding to the must try on your culinary to-do list. I don't think you'll want to miss finding out what Vanilla Crack is or how to make watermelon cookies.
As our plot closes and we find that all good things must end Norman comes home and he makes an announcement you won't want to miss. I don't think anything will be the same again in Lake Eden, Minnesota.
******** out of ten
Pamela James

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